Dubstep Production Library

Production Library
Get a huge library of 600 royalty free dubstep loops and sounds for your own music productions.

Free Dubstep Mp3s

This is the collection from all of my free released tunes as 320kbps mp3 files. You will find some older tracks from 2006 for example as well as brand new music from the last months.


Free oriential Dubstep/Trip Hop tune from February 2014.

Synthetic Chant

Pretty old and different vocal tune from 2006!

Bath (Bjork Remix)

Deep dubstep remix of Bjorks song "Bath", from her "Drawing Restraint 9" soundtrack.

Mutual Core - Bjork Remix

New dubstep remix of Bjork's track "Mutual Core" from her album "Biophilia".


New free Dubstep / Trip Hop Tune from October 2012, 79BPM!

In The Shell

Dubstep tune from April 2012.

Free 8 Track Dubstep Compilation

Free Compilation with 8 Dubstep tracks in 320kpbs high quality!


Very calm and deep dubstep tune from May 2010.


Dark dubstep track with lots of sci fi pads and sound effects.


Dubstep tune with some Glitch/IDM elements and a few glitched vocal samples.


Dubstep tune with some oriental sounds, drums and vocals.


A bit different dubstep track.

Arab Money (Busta Rhymes Remix)

Dubstep remix of Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money"!