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Dubstep Samples

This is the download list of my free dubstep sample packs.

The following dubstep samples contain basically everything what you need for making a nice electronic track: Lots of one shot drum samples for bassdrums, snares, claps, hihats, basslines, pads, fx sounds, percussions, drum loops and many more. I also offer a package with 5 bassline presets for Native Instruments Massive.

All the dubstep samples together were downloaded over 200.000 times for now! They're all royalty free.

5 Dubstep Bassline Presets for NI Massive

This free package consists of 5 Dubstep Bassline Presets for the famous Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.

2014-10-01 18:56:32

Abstract Percussions

This free sample pack consists of 25 different abstract percussion samples and 3 percussion loops for your dubstep tunes.

2013-05-07 22:29:14

Second Dubstep Sample Pack with 100 Samples

Another royalty free Dubstep Sample Kit with 100 different .wav samples for your own music productions! Check the dubstep demo track in the details.

2011-05-21 14:45:32

Dubstep - Trap Sample Pack 4

Ghosthack's fourth free dubstep sample pack from January 2014 with 55 samples. Free Dubstep Drumloops, Bassdrums, Snares, Basslines, Pads, Hihats...

2014-01-19 14:16:44

Sample Pack Pro Preview with 50 WAVs

This is the free preview version of my dubstep sample pack pro with 50 different high quality .wav files.

2012-11-15 22:54:52

100 Dubstep Samples

Huge free dubstep sample pack created by me, consisting of 100 different samples. All samples are royalty free and could be used in commercial dubstep productions.

2010-10-19 22:14:17