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Affiliate Program

We started our Affiliate Program for our professional Sample and Preset Packs! This is your opportunity to earn money with our products.

How does it work?

MoneyWell, it's quite simple: You register at our Affiliate Program page and after your login you have access to a handful of different marketing materials: Banners, Text Ads and Text Links. People who have a website can implement the banners and text ads into their pages, everyone else could also work with our text links. Now when anyone will click on your personal banner or text link and will purchase something in our shop, you will be rewarded with 25% of his purchase.

After the user clicks on your link, he gets a cookie from our Affiliate software that will be valid for 90 days. So, even if the user comes back after 80 days and will make a purchase in this period of time, you will get your comission.

And that's it! Everyone who registers will get a signup bonus of 10.00€! We pay out monthly after you reach a balance of 25.00€ via Paypal.

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Very good Conversion Rate - Positive Reviews

RatingsWe got overall very good feedback for our products, we have an average rating of 4.7 of 5 stars at, all of them are real certified reviews. This fact and many shop optimizations and retargeting technics lead to a very good conversion rate (the rate of converting site visitors into paying customers) in our shop. Especially our bundle products like the "Ultimate Producer Bundle" tend to convert very well, are very popular and got a high amount of very positive and satisfied reviews. Therefore, we have lots of marketing materials for these bundles in our program.

I don't have a Website. Can I use your program though?

WebsiteIf you don't have a website, you could also post your personal affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter or on Soundcloud for example. There are endless possibilites, if you have a Youtube Channel you could post it in the description of your videos (like the famous Youtubers do it ;) or drop it in your Soundcloud descriptions. Maybe something like: Used Samples by Ghosthack: And then your affiliate link.

Affiliate Rally and Questions

Affiliate RallyAlready over 100 people are using our Affiliate System. We also plan to make an Affiliate-Rally in the next weeks, something like get the most sales in a certain period of time and win 1.000€. People with a lot of sales could also get higher comission rates.

If you have any questions or need some tips, just contact us! If you are missing some banner sizes, than just give us a shout and we will include them. Also contact us if you need a special coupon code maybe for your blog post or anything else.

Calculating Example

WebsiteSome people make their whole living by affiliate marketing, so if you could reach many people, this might be a good chance! Here is a calculating example: If someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys our "Ultimate Producer Bundle" for 49.99€, you will get a reward of 12.50€! Maybe he also adds the "Neurofunk Arsenal", than it's a reward of 17,50€ for only one sale. If you use a pay per click system like Google Adsense, you will get mostly only a few cents per click.

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