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2017-05-25 05:00:00

Hey, it's Giveaway time again!
This time we are giving away our Ultimate Dubstep Starter Kit and our Ultimate Drum Bundle.

The "Ultimate Dubstep Starter Kit" features over 1,200 Samples and has a size of 1.10GB, so this is a pretty huge pack, that includes some of our other products and it can also be used for producing other electronic music genres. The "Ultimate Drum Bundle" is a compilation of three decent sound packs with over 400 Royalty Free Drum Samples.

How to enter the Giveaway?

The giveaway has ended, these are the three winners:

Solar Graves, The AudioDabbler, Bufinjer.

We will pick three users directly on Youtube then, the first place gets the "Ultimate Dubstep Starter Kit" and two other producers will get the "Ultimate Drum Bundle". The giveaway runs until the 28th May.

Ultimate Dubstep Starter Kit And here are some more informations about the Dubstep Starter Kit: This is a huge Sample Pack consisting of over 1,200 Samples, Sounds, One-Shots, Loops and Presets with a massive size of over 1.1GB, aiming for decent Dubstep and Trap productions. This sound kit delivers everything what you need to create a professional Dubstep/Trap track: Heavy Basslines, Atmospheric Pads, many different Drum Tools, FX Sounds, 808 Bass Kicks, Synthesizer Patches for Massive and Serum, Vocals, Percussions, Buildups and Risers and many more!

The "Ultimate Drum Bundle" includes our following three sample packs: Snares'n'Claps Volume 1, Hats'n'Percs and Halftime Drum Loops. So, this is total of over 100 Snare and Clap Samples, 200 Hi-Hats, Clicks and Percussions and 100 unique halftime Drum Loops.

Cheers and good luck!

Free Neurofunk Pack released

2017-05-02 12:00:00

Neurofunk out now It's time for a fresh new freebie: We are pleased to present you a new free Drum and Bass Sample Pack featuring 70 royalty free one-shot samples and loops for your DnB and Neurofunk productions.

This download consists of 21 Neuro Basslines and 14 Reeces, ready to drop in your projects and ready for your resampling techniques. Start your track immediately with our powerful Drum Loops or create your own drums by using the kick, snare and hi-hat one-shots. Top your track of with the 5 deep, long and atmospheric Pads. The Riser and Cymbal FX sounds can be used for your buildups, bridges and your drops.

If you're looking for even more Neurofunk and Drum and Bass Samples, check our "Neurofunk Arsenal".

Download free Neurofunk Samples

"Neuro Enhancer" for NI Massive released

2017-03-24 08:00:00

Neuro Enhancer out now We just released another royalty free Preset Pack for Native Instruments most famous synthesizer: Massive. "Neuro Enhancer" for NI Massive features 80 different Neurofunk style Patches, it includes a wide variety of Neuro and Reece Bass patches, but also a huge spectrum of different synths, leads, plucks, pads and other ambient sounds. Customise these sounds easily via the Massive Macro controls.

All the 80 patches work also of course for other genres of electronic music like Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, Neurostep, Neuro Hop, Glitch Hop and other subgenres of Drum and Bass. Give your music productions that neuro flavour inspired by artists like Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Phace, Spor, Emperor or Teebee.

Special time-limited introductory price!

Go to "Neuro Enhancer"

Neurostep out now - New Freebie

2017-03-06 08:00:00

Neurostep out now We are pleased to present you a fresh new free sample pack, our first in 2017: "Neurostep" features 80 free 140bpm samples and loops inspired by the futuristic Neurofunk sound.

This is the perfect package for everyone looking for some deep Neuro flavour in his Dubstep, Trap, Riddim and Hybrid productions. We created 30 key-labeled heavy modulated neuro bass one-shots and loops, ready to drop in your projects or ready for even more modulation by your favorite effect plugins. "Neurostep" also includes some crispy drum tools like 10 processed drum loops, 7 huge bassdrums, 9 hard hitting snares and 10 Hi-Hats.

Go to the Freebie

"Neurofunk Arsenal" released

2017-02-09 16:00:00

Neurofunk Arsenal

Ghosthack proudly presents an incredible collection of heavy Neuro Bass Weapons, hard hitting Drums, dark atmospheric Pads, top notch Leads and twisted FX Sounds called the "Neurofunk Arsenal".

"Neurofunk Arsenal" is a stunning sample library featuring over 400+ Samples, Loops and Presets for NI Massive and Serum and has an unpacked size of 562 MB.

You will be armed with 50 nasty Transfomers like sounding Neuro Bass Loops and 82 key-labeled Bass One-Shots. All bass sounds are heavily processed with the best soft- and hardware on the market to give you that futuristic neuro sound, inspired by artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Emperor, Phace and Spor.

We also equip you with a wide spectrum of different drum tools for your bass support: Either use one of our 60 ready-to-drop Drum Loops or create your own creative drum pattern with our 100 drum one-shots, may it be Bassdrums, Snares, Hihats, Cymbals or Percussions. Of course the drum section wouldn't be complete without some drum fills.

Snares'n'Claps Volume 2 released

2017-01-11 01:00:00

Snares and Claps Volume 2

First of all, happy new year everyone :)

We just released the sequel to our successful "Snares'n'Claps" sample pack, but this time it is much bigger! "Snares'n'Claps Volume 2" features over 400+ royalty free snare and clap one-shots sorted in eight different categories. We included a dry, reverb and a delay version of every sample.

The whole package has an unpacked size of 243MB, all samples are 24bit wav files and can be used in all common music production software.

Christmas Coupon and FL Studio Project

2016-12-23 00:00:00

Chrismas Coupon Only one day left until it's Christmas and Number 23 of our Advent Calendar showcases a 30% OFF christmas coupon code for all products! Just enter the following code into the shopping cart: CHRISTMAS30

This coupon lasts only until the rest of this year :)

On door number 22 we uploaded a FL Studio Dubstep Project file, made entirely with Ghosthack Samples, Loops and Presets, mostly from our Advent Calendar freebies.

You need a current FL Studio version and Native Instruments Massive, that is used for the bass sounds. We took many presets from our latest "Bass Patches for NI Massive" package.

Watch out for the 24th December, we will release a surprisingly huge freebie in our Advent Calendar!

Christmas Giveaway

2016-12-21 00:00:00

Christmas Giveaway We have only three days left for our Advent Calendar action and today we present you a giveaway of two of our professional sample packs!

We are giving away "Atmospheric Pads" featuring over 100 different pad wav sounds and "Snares'n'Claps", a snare one-shot drum pack with over 100 samples. The big advantage of these packages is, that they work in Digital Audio Workstations, may it be FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase or anything else.


"Ultimate Drum Bundle" Flash Sale!

2016-12-19 00:00:00

Over 400 Drum Sounds After we dropped a lot of freebies for our Advent Calendar it's now time again for another special offer on day number 19:

We dropped the price of our "Ultimate Drum Bundle" down to only 4.99€! The "Ultimate Drum Bundle" features over 400+ different Drum Samples and bundles 3 of our professional royalty free sample packs. Each sample pack has a price of 9.99€, so that's a pretty huge saving of over 80%.

The bundle includes the following products: "Snares'n'Claps" with over 100 Snare and Clap One-Shots, "Hats'n'Percs" with over 200 Hi-Hats, Percussions, Clicks and Loops, and "Halftime Drum Loops" with over 100 smooth, hard, experimental, glitchy and tribal drum loops at 140bpm.

We have three five-star reviews for this product, just check'em out!

Serum Bass Patches Discount

2016-12-16 00:00:00

Serum Bass Presets

our Advent Calendar is still going and we already dropped our first tutorial and some more freebies. We still have some more days to go with a lot more freebies and offers, so stay tuned!

Today we have also a fresh special offer for you: The price of our "100 Bass Patches for Serum" just dropped down to 50%, so it's now available for only 14.99€ instead of 29.99€! This special offer lasts only a few days.

This Preset Package delivers you 100 handcrafted unique Serum Bass Presets, all of them with 4 macro controls. On top of that, this library contains 40 wavetables and 20 LFO shapes for Serum, giving you unlimited possibilities to create your own bass sound. These presets will also teach you a lot of secrets and producer techniques in the creation of bass music for Serum. So if you have problems creating a nice bass sound in Serum, these patches might help you really out.

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