Bass Patches for NI Massive

Bass Presets for NI Massive So we already had some dark Sci-Fi Pad Presets for NI Massive in our Advent Calendar and now it's time for some dark Bass Patches for Massive!

We created 10 fresh modern Bass Presets that supports all 8 Macro controls from Massive. You can macro control the filter's cutoff, the distortion drive, LFO, equalizer, character, phase fx and other parameters.

We used in the presets a main LFO that manipulates most of the bass action. We tried to use many techniques to achieve a unique sound like using the Frequency Shifter, using two filters at once, manipulating the pitch, playing around with some noise, using many OSCs, experimenting with LFO shapes and so on.

Feel free to edit the patches further on, change the OSC types for example or the FX types, use different filter, change the LFO speed, there are endless possibilities!

If you're looking for even more Bass Patches, check our "100 Bass Patches for Massive" package, we just dropped the price down to 50%!

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