Free Dubstep Basslines

30 Dubstep Basses After our latest neurofunk freebie we decided it's time for some dubstep bass action. So, this fresh free sample pack is all about that bass, in detail you will find 30 high quality WAV bass samples, all of them are Key and BPM labeled. It has an unpacked size of 52MB.

Just load them in your favorite sampler or drag them into your playlist and let the bass kick. For the creation, we used some Bass patches from our latest Serum Preset Pack called "Dubstep Xplosion". We changed the wavetables, played around with filters, modulated the pitch, changed the Serum FX, added additional VST Effect Plugins and so we created a wide range of unique bass samples in quite a short period of time, because of the presets' flexibility.

For the processing, we used iZotope's great mixing plugin Neutron to make the basses louder and warmer. For equalization, we used Fabfilter's Pro Q2 to pimp up that real low frequencies and to control some mids and highs. Tone Projects Basslane plugin checks, that the bass frequencies are mono instead of unclean stereo soundings. The compressor plugin The Glue did the final touch. That's pretty it, rest of the job was done by our presets and some creative experimentation.

Innovative bass design is the key for modern dubstep productions, so don't sleep on this completely free download to spice up your projects.

PS: You might want to create basslines like these by yourself, so I recommend you to check our "Dubstep Xplosion" pack for Serum.

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