Ultimate Free Vocal Samples

Female Vocals Don't miss this free download full of female vocals PLUS some bonus packs!

We already released our first free vocal kit in September 2016 and now we are going to release the second part with 60 free female vocal samples. We recorded some chants, one-words, short phrases, cuts and breath sounds and incorporated four different effect versions for each recording like a reverb, delay or a pitched up version. This package also includes a dry version of each recording, so you can easily add your own effects to these samples.

So our Advent Calendar opened all his doors and we released 18 freebies, over 9.000 people downloaded our free packages. Due to the nice feedback we got for our calendar, we decided to keep all those downloads in our freebie section.
We hope you enjoyed our Advent Calendar and we wish you happy holidays.

By the way if you're looking for even more female vocal samples, check our royalty free "Ultimate Female Vocals" pack (Over 600 Samples!).


We also included in this free download three additional sample packs: The first free Vocal Kit with 30 vocals, our latest edition of "Ghosthack's free Dubstep and Trap Samples" and also 20 free atmospheric spacy pads. Enjoy :)

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