UPB2021 - Free Cinematic Pack

UPB2021 - Free Cinematic PackThe Next Freebie is Here: Free Cinematic Sound FX!

It's the 12th of March, we're only two weeks away from the UPB2021 and today we would like to give you another great gift, that every music producer and even filmmaker can use: Some awesome free cinematic sound effects!

Expect huge impacts, nice transitions, floating whoosh hits and a great selection of multi samples (braams, pulse attacks and pulse heartbeats).

The big advantage that comes with cinematic sound FX is that they are very versatile and almost every music producer can use them in their productions: Everyone can use a big impact for his drop or a nice transition to blend over the next part of your song.

It will be the same with the Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021: It will be super versatile for all kinds of music producers, no matter what genre you produce.

All sounds are 100% royalty free!

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