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Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course

  • Learn All The Pro Techniques in 16 Easy-to-Follow Modules
  • Conquer Mixing and Mastering in 6.5 Hours of HQ Video Material
  • Master The Art of Creating Balanced Music on Any Device
  • Includes FL Studio 20 Project and STEMs to Practice Your Skills
  • Multi Genre Compatible & Suitable for Every DAW
  • Instant Download after Purchase
After starting the course I can tell a really big difference in not only my sound but me and my confidence as an artist!

Brandon M., Certified Customer

Here’s Why this Course Will Be a Game Changer for Your Productions

Unlock The Power Of Mixing And Mastering!

Hear The Difference That A Professional Mix Makes


No Mixing Pro Mix & Master
No Mixing Pro Mix & Master


No Mixing Pro Mix & Master
No Mixing Pro Mix & Master

In This Course You Will Learn How To...

Always Have A Clean Mix

Enhance Sound Quality On Every Device

Train Your Ears

Warm Up Your Mix With Saturation And Distortion

Use Sound Analysis Tools

Sidechain Like A Pro

Infuse Your Music With More Energy

Get More Plays

What You Can Expect From This Course:

The Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course is a complete bank of knowledge that will teach you how to work on your productions. Here you will find everything from basics to advanced techniques that will change the final effect of every track you create!

For starters, it is extremely important to get to know your environment and train your hearing. This is what we will teach you in the first module.

Each following module is focused on more advanced techniques and skills regarding mixing and mastering.

We will teach you how to transform a shallow song into a festival banger, as well as how to move from a boring instrumental to a deep chillout track.

In this course, you will learn how to identify mistakes and fix a bad mix.

These 16 modules will completely change the quality of your productions. It is an investment in knowledge that will never become outdated!

Meet Your Teacher!

Will Thoma - certified audio engineer, and a valued member of the Ghosthack team. He started producing music when he was 14 and from that point forward it totally consumed him!

Will has been our sound designer, music producer, and video creator for the past 4 years! During this time he created hundreds of tracks of various genres and spent thousands of hours making videos. He is also the host of many live streams for our community.

For the Ghosthack team there is no better teacher, which is why we are excited to announce that he is the host of our Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course!

Already over 31,400 producers are learning music production with Will on our Youtube channel. Join them today for this in-depth lesson on Mixing and Mastering from Beginner to Pro in only 16 modules!

Included Lessons

01. Introduction

Introducing Will - your new teacher - and the concepts of this course.

He will be explaining the differences between mixing and mastering, give you a short overview of the upcoming modules and will give you a recommendation of monitoring gear like headphones, speakers and room acoustics.

02. The Mixer and its Channels

You will be given a detailed overview of FL Studio's mixer (knowledge can be applied to any DAW).

In this module you will learn what each knob and function does, how you can use send, bus and master channel(s) and how you can perceive and measure loudness.

03. Compression and Limiting

Have you ever asked yourself how to properly use a compressor? And when to use limiting?

It's not a problem anymore! Will explains all the basics you need to know about (multiband-) compression and limiting to master these difficult topics.

Also, you will get an overview of different plugins to help you choose the right one for you!

04. EQing

Everything you need to know about the frequency spectrum and how to manipulate it in one convenient place!

Learn the basics of the EQing process: Including a full overview of Fruity Parametric EQ2, the theory behing subtractive EQing versus Additive EQing, what the benefits of different filters are and how you can manipulate them to fit your needs.

05. Layering Techniques

Have you struggled with your instruments, drums and basslines feeling dull and lacking in energy?

You can fix this by layering different sounds to give your track more power! Find out how and when to layer sounds in this module.

06. Saturation and Distortion

A complete overview of saturation and distortion:

Will explains the basic principles of saturation and distortion and goes into detail about different plugins and when to use which technique to completely upgrade your sound!

07. Reverb and Delay

Have you ever wondered about how reverb and delay affect your music?

Find out how to fill out your sound in a controlled mannor while not washing out your sound! You will get a detailed overview of FL Studio's reverb and delay plugins (knowledge can be applied to other plugins and other DAWs).

08. Panning and Stereo

Have your instruments ever gotten muddy? Maybe it's because of the stereo spectrum!

Learn how to make your track sound full by utilizing the stereo field: Get a broad stereo image, learn how to properly analyze the stereo field and how to pan which instrument.

09. Side-Chaining

Make your next track even punchier by using proper side-chaining techniques!

Will explains the concept of side-chaining in detail and showing you different approaches in FL Studio to find out which one exactly fits your needs. In this module you will learn how to side-chain not only kick and bassdrum but also other instruments.

10. Mixing Techniques for Different Instruments

In this module you will learn the characteristics of different instrumets and what you have to keep in mind when mixing them.

Will goes into detail about drums and percussions, sub, bassline, lead and melody as well as vocals and sound effects.

11. Varying Techniques for Different Genres

You are not interested in EDM? No problem!

This lessons centers around different mixing techniques for different genres like Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Downtempo and more.

12. Finalizing Your Mix

This module focuses on the included demo material! You will learn how to achieve a good sound quality with excercising materials.

With this course, you will get an FL Studio 20 project file as well as all unmixed STEMs so you can apply the techniques you learned inside this course. Will guides you step-by-step through the process: See how much you improved already!

13. Mastering Your Mix

In this lesson, you will learn how to master your mix.

You have spent so much time creating your track, completing it with effects and techniques - now is the time to make it shine with a proper master. Go through step-by-step with the provided unmastered and mastered track!

14. Testing Your Mix Against Reference Tracks

Here you will learn how to hear the difference between your mix and a mix that you want to achieve. Make use of reference tracks and use sound analysis tools to come closer to your desired perfect mix.

15. Top 5 Biggest Mixing & Mastering Mistakes

In this module you will learn how to properly fix and ultimatively avoid the five most common mixing and mastering mistakes.

16. Secret Mixing and Mastering Tricks

Here Will talks about some further mixing and mastering secrets and gives you an outlook what you might want to check out to advance in mixing and mastering even further! There is always room to grow.

Do you have more questions? Check what other producers asked about this course here!

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Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course - Royalty Free Samples
Rated 4.86/5 based on 21 customer reviews

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Drum Hero Volume 3

Demo Track for "Drum Hero Volume 3"

Our popular Drum Hero series has reached part three, now even bigger and better featuring a total of 1,528 one-shots and loops created by two of our best sound designers with great care.

Expect tons of categorized snares and kicks, hi-hats, rides and cymbals, claps and toms. We included 30 awesome stem-separated drum loops for nearly every popular BPM, sharp-shifting funk break loops, hi-hat loops and rhythmic percussion loops for a quick workflow.

Like in volume two we also recorded some outstanding live drum instruments, this time a really fat sounding snare and a snare bourine for example. These recordings are perfect for creating your own snare that sounds like no one else. Layer these sounds, put some saturation and other effects on them and you get the thickest snare sound ever!

All files are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects. The pack contains pure .wav files, which can be used with every software.

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111,000+ Producers Are Trusting In Ghosthack's Audio Products

I wish I had taken Ghosthack's Mixing and Mastering Course when I first started producing music. It would equate to well over a year of me experimenting, researching, reading and watching tutorials. Despite that the course was taught in FL Studio, I found all the concepts and techniques covered in the course were easily transferable over to my DAW Ableton! The course covers all the techniques that you need to know that will easily elevate your sound and getting it sound professional.

Jacob (Gemini Music), Music Producer

It's very informative even for someone who has been mixing professionally in studios, in their bedroom, or whereever! It's good to go back, look at the basics, see why you are doing what you are doing if you have been doing it for a while. It gives you a good example of why your mixes might not be popping out and aren't as strong as other mixes that you listen to on Spotify or Apple Music. So, yes! Go check out the Mixing and Mastering Course from Ghosthack - you won't be sorry!

John Winters, Drummer and Music Producer

After starting the course I can tell a really big difference in not only my sound but me and my confidence as an artist! The course has answers to so many questions that I've had like why do some of my sounds sound louder when they are the same level on the tracklist. I learned how to let vocals sit better in the mix. I'm just thankful for this opportunity to learn with a group as knowledgeable as Ghosthack and I appreciate it!

Brandon Morris, Music Producer

Just finished the Mixing & Mastering Course from Ghosthack which I have to say was absolutely awesome! Just very clear, very understandable: Made certain things which are very technical simplified - I appreciate that definitely! It has some fantastic, great tips and some great techniques! I have to say it to you guys that it is well worth going out there and getting the Mixing and Mastering Course from Ghosthack - it's excellent!

Leon Bowen, Music Producer

41,000+ Likes

31,400+ Subscribers

15,800+ Reviews

111,500+ Customers

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Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course - Royalty Free Samples
Rated 4.86/5 based on 21 customer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What Daw/Plugins do I need?

Your teacher demonstrates all lessons in FL Studio 20 with its native plugins. You will be able to practice your own skills with an included FL Studio project file as well.

However, if you don't own FL Studio you can apply every technique to any DAW. As a substitute for the project file, you will receive the STEMs for the demo track to train your ears in a similar fashion.

Who is this course aimed towards?

Initially, we visioned this course to be aimed towards aspiring music producers who are creative in their bedrooms without fancy studio equipment. We want to equip you with the knowledge and skills that you need to create poppin' tracks in the comfort of your own home.

Yet, this course does not only scratch the surface of mixing and mastering, but gives you all the basics as well as more advanced techniques that will upgrade your sound quality in no time. Even if you are experienced mixing your own tracks in and out of a studio environment, it doesn't hurt to go back to the basics to properly understand why you are doing what you are doing.

With this course, you have all the knowledge available in a conveniently sorted video course instead of hundreds of hours of footage across tutorial platforms.

How do I access the lessons?

You are granted life-time access to this course.

You can download the videos to each lesson (compressed files) from our website, so you can watch them anywhere at any time.

What language are the videos in?

The main language of the course is English (US).

At the moment, we cannot supply proper subtitles, but we are planning to do so in the future! You can suggest a subtitle language via our contact form, we will be sure to read your valued feedback!

How much time does the video material take up?

Nobody is born as a music producer, it takes time to own the art of mixing and mastering. However, we lightened your workload tremendously by combining our knowledge into a comprehensive and straight-forward video course. No need to search the internet for hundreds of hours of tutorial footage across multiple platforms!

This course teaches you all the pro techniques in 6.5 hours of HQ video material across 16 easy-to-follow modules.

Who are you?

Ghosthack is a team of ambitious sound designers for different kinds of electronic music.

Making electronic music since 2006, Ghosthack entered the sound design game back in 2010 with our first free dubstep sample pack, which have been downloaded over 300,000 times for now, still counting.

After several more freebies we put the business on a new level in 2016 and started to develop huge high quality commercial sample packs and video course tutorials.

We are continuing our journey in 2021 with 50.000 visitors per month, a huge fanbase on Facebook (41,000+ Likes), YouTube (31,400+ Subscribers) and Soundcloud (12,000+ Followers), a growing team of sound designers from around the world, lots of positive reviews and many more new free as well as commercial soundbanks.

Still have Questions? Contact Us!

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Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course - Royalty Free Samples
Rated 4.86/5 based on 21 customer reviews

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Includes 4 of our most unique and versatile drum and percussion sound banks.
Total files: 3,173
Total size: 2.50 GB

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