Are You Looking for Heavy Neurofunk Sounds?

Get 742 MB of Neurofunk Samples and Presets Today!

Neurofunk Arsenal


  • 500+ One-Shots, Loops and Presets for Neurofunk
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • Product number:  00013
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Over 500 Ressources for Creating Astonishing Drum and Bass and Neurofunk Tracks!

Demo Track 1
Bass Loop 1
Bassline 3
Glitch Bassline
Bass Loop 6
Bass Loop 2
Bassline 1
Bass Loop 5
Bass Loop 3
Bassline 4
Bass Loop 4
Bassline 2
Drum Loop 1
Drum Loop 2
Riser FX
Upgrade Your Neurofunk Productions with Next-Level Sound Design!

Ghosthack proudly presents an incredible collection of heavy Neuro Bass Weapons, hard hitting Drums, dark atmospheric Pads, top notch Leads and twisted FX Sounds.

"Neurofunk Arsenal" is a stunning sample library featuring over 500 Samples, Loops and Presets for NI Massive and Serum and has an unpacked size of 742 MB.

You will be armed with 100 nasty Transfomers like sounding neuro bass loops and 119 key-labeled bass one-shots. All bass sounds are heavily processed with the best soft- and hardware on the market to give you that futuristic neuro sound, inspired by artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Emperor, Phace and Spor.

We also equip you with a wide spectrum of different drum tools for your bass support: Either use one of our 70 ready-to-drop Drum Loops or create your own creative drum pattern with our 100 drum one-shots, may it be Bassdrums, Snares, Hihats, Cymbals or Percussions. Of course the drum section wouldn't be complete without some drum fills.

We also included 23 dark atmospheric pads and 19 FX Sounds for your pre- and post drops. The tempo is all the way through 174bpm.

All the people who use either Native Instruments' "Massive" synthesizer or Xfer's "Serum" or even both will welcome the 31 Bass Presets included in this package. These bass patches will help you creating your own neuro sounds and teach you a lot of secrets and production techniques in the creation of our basslines.

All Sounds were created by our talented Sound Designers with the best soft- and hardware on the market from audio companies like Native Instruments, Waves, Fabfilter Izotope and Xfer.

All wav samples are high quality 24bit files with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.

Our Products are 100% Royalty Free and can be used in any music and video production without any limitations.

  • Bass Weapons
    • 100 Bass Loops
    • 109 Key-Labeled Basslines
    • 10 Key-Labeled Glitch Basslines
    • 21 Serum Presets
    • 10 Serum Wavetables
    • 10 NI Massive Presets
  • Drum Tools
    • 40 Drum Loops
    • 10 Filtered Drum Loops
    • 10 Glitch Drum Loops
    • 10 Half-Time Drum Loops
    • 10 Top Loops
    • 13 Drum Fills
    • 30 Snares
    • 20 Bassdrums
    • 15 Cymbals
    • 25 Hi-Hats
    • 10 Percussions
  • Other
    • 23 Atmospheric Pads
    • 18 Lead Loops
    • 10 FX Hits
    • 9 long Risers
    • Total Files: 514
    • Total Size: 742 MB

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The sound library includes 24 bit 44.1 kHz .wav samples which can be used in every DAW or Sampler of choice. If you want to use the included presets you will need the corresponding plugin (Xfer's Serum or NI Massive)

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.