Keys & Strings Volume 2

Nu Disco Essentials

Cinematic Essentials - Whooshes

Grand Sonata No.1 - Keys & Strings

Catalyst - Percussion Library

Ambivalence - Melody Collection

Cinematic Essentials - Impacts

Cinematic Essentials Volume 4

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2022

Ambient Acoustics

Chromosphere - Cinematic Textures

Ultimate Hip Hop Melodies

Summer Night Funk

The Drum Hero 4

Tesseract 2 - Hybrid Scoring Tools

Dark Atmospherics Volume 2

Commercial Deep House

Melodic House Essentials

Sci-Fi Atmospherics Volume 2

MIDI Construction Kits Volume 3

Raven Witch House

Cinematic Sound FX 3

Abstract Voices

Documentary Audio Toolkit Volume 2

Ambient Motion Volume 3

UPB2021 + UPB2020

Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2

Ultimate Tech House Bundle

Ultimate House Bundle

Ultimate Trap & Hip Hop Bundle 2

Ultimate Lo-Fi Bundle 2

Cinematic SFX & Trailer Bundle

Ultimate Wave Bundle

Essential Bundle

Vital Dubstep & Riddim Presets by Wubbaduck

Shockwave Sound FX Volume 2

Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2

Quantum Force - Cinematic Drums Volume 3

Cybersynth Sounds for Vital

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 4

Ambient Underscore

Black Hole - Dark Atmospheres

Cinematic Trailer SFX Volume 3

Ultimate Mixing and Mastering Course

Essential Sounds for Vital


Dark Energy - Cinematic Textures

Lo-Fi House Essentials

Ultimate Cinematic Music Tracks Volume 2

Cinematic Horror Music Tracks Volume 2

Future Rave Essentials

Color Bass Essentials

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021

Gaming Dubstep & Midtempo

Essential Pop 2021

Keys & Strings

Ultimate Melodic Library Volume 2

Dreamland - Vaporwave

Tension Underscore

Cybersynth Sound Pack

Dark Atmosphere Bundle

Ultimate Riddim and Dubstep Bundle

Ultimate Ambient Bundle

Ultimate Vocal Bundle

Ultimate Pop Vocals

Ultimate House Vocals

Guitar Loops & One-Shots

UK Drill Essentials

Ambient Soundscapes Volume 2

Cinematic Orchestra Volume 2

Charting Future Pop

Hardwave Elements

Midtempo Fire

Slap House Essentials

Ultimate Colors of Trance Volume 2

Emotions - Acapella Collection

Elements of Techno

Soul Hip Hop

Psytrance Visions Volume 2

Clear Drums

Shymer - Ethereal Vocal Collection

Chillwave Elements

Heavy Vocals

EDM Elements 2021

Psychedelic Wavetables Volume 2

Psytrance Awakening Volume 4

Trap & Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2

Tech House Essentials

Acid Lab - Serum Presets

Timelapse Deep House

Neon Trap & Hip-Hop Kits Volume 2

Lightning Deep House

Grit - Serum Presets and Samples for Bass House

Abstract Lo-Fi

Trepidation - Dark Horror FX Volume 3

Cinematic Essentials Volume 3

Ultimate Cinematic Bundle Volume 2

Ultimate Foley Sounds

Electro Bass House

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

Phobia Strings & SFX

Atmospherics for Serum

Rage Bass House

Purple Clouds - Chillout Sounds

Tech House - Loops & Construction Kits

Neon Trap & Hip-Hop Kits

Riddim Xplosion for Serum

Fury Tech House - Construction Kits

Crime & Drama - Kontakt Instrument

Crime & Drama - Cinematic Sounds

Deep Dark Techno

Phase Plant Essentials

Abstract Percussions Volume 2

Sci-Fi Atmospherics

MIDI Construction Kits Volume 2

Ultimate Indian Percussions

Urban Trap Essentials Volume 2

Tesseract - Universal Cinematic Sounds

Ultimate Midtempo Attack

Hip Hop & Trap Start-to-Finish Course

Stratosphere - Cinematic Ambient Sounds

Future House Anthems

Reggaeton & Pop Vocals

Ultimate Future House & Bass 2020

Shockwave Sound FX

Ambient Soundscapes

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2020

Riddim Essentials Volume 2

Quantum Force Volume 2

Infinite - Liquid DnB Samples

Ultimate Latin Vocals

Documentary Audio Toolkit

Cinematic Trailer SFX - Volume 2

Ultimate Cinematic Music Tracks

Ultimate Cinematic Bundle

Cinematic Horror Music Tracks

Ultimate Psytrance Bundle for Serum

Ultimate Serum Preset Bundle

Ultimate Lo-Fi Bundle

Ultimate Drum and Percussion Bundle

Ultimate MIDI Bundle

Ultimate EDM Bundle

Ultimate Trap and Hip Hop Bundle

Ultimate Acapella Collection

Delusion - Futuristic Electro Sounds

Vocal Kit - Oliviya Nicole

Future Bass Essentials

Trance Presets for Serum

Dark Atmospherics

Trap and Hip Hop Essentials

Upfront Drum and Bass

Essential Sounds for Serum Volume 2

Hype Trap

Mega Drums - Hits and Loops

House and Vocals Mega Pack

Simulation - Sounds for Synthwave and Vaporwave

Orchestral Essentials

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 3

Ultimate Bass House for Serum

Progressive House Essentials

Guitar Sounds

Riddim Essentials 2020

East Coast Hip Hop

Tension - Cinematic FX

Ambient Motion Volume 2

Future Pop Vocals 2020

Dark Matter

Hardstyle Essentials

Neurotexh - Neurofunk Samples

Quantum Force - Cinematic Drums

Cinematic Sci-Fi Sounds

Cinematic Essentials Volume 2

Unique Drum Collection Volume 2

Trepidation - Dark Horror FX Volume 2

Ultimate Summer Vocals Volume 2

Essential Presets for Massive X

Cinematic Orchestra

Riddim Revolution for Serum 2

Ultimate Vocal Shots

Hip Hop / Trap MIDI Kits & Files

Rezonance for Serum

Ambient Motion

Ultimate Trap and Hip Hop Construction Kits 2

Cinematic Trailer SFX

MIDI Construction Kits

Psytrance Awakening for Serum 3

Ultimate Summer Vocals

Ultimate MIDI Collection Volume 2

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 2

Trepidation - Dark Horror FX

Future Pop Nation 2

Hip Hop Starter Kit

Future Bass Construction Kits

Cinematic Essentials

Invasion for Serum

Ultimate MIDI Collection

Ultimate Trap and Hip Hop Construction Kits

Synthwave Essentials

Wubbaduck's Dubstep Presets for Serum

Vaporwave Essentials

Future Pop Nation

Ultimate Techno Essentials

The Drum Hero 3

Ultimate Vocal Library 2 Premium

Cinematic Sound FX 2

Essential Sounds for Serum

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Bass House Anthems 2019

Future EDM Movement 2019

G-House Attack

Neurofunk Arsenal 2

Ultimate Future Pop

Platinum Producer Suite

Psytrance Awakening for Serum 2

Abstract Percussions

Urban Trap Essentials

Chill Hop Essentials

Dubstep Sound Arsenal

Neuro Bass Arsenal

Synthwave Sounds for Serum

Ultimate Percussion Library

Ultimate House Essentials

Synthetic Drums

Dubstep Start-to-Finish Course

Ultimate Melodic Library

Cinematic Sound FX

Neuro Essentials for Serum

Liquid Essentials for DnB

Ultimate Colors of Trance

Riddim Revolution for Serum

Hybrid Trap Essentials

The Drum Hero 2

Chordsmokers for Serum

Dubstep Bass Arsenal

Downtempo Lounge

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2019

Psytrance Awakening for Serum

Ultimate Pads and FX

NextGen Presets for Serum

The Drum Hero

Abstract Drums

Dubstep Xplosion for Serum

Neuro Enhancer for NI Massive

Neurofunk Arsenal