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Sinister Cinematic Bundle

Our largest Cyber Monday Bundle is filled with tons of dark atmosphere! Expect deep drones, heavy sound effects, big impacts, long risers, swells, whooshes, aural textures and many more...Beside filmmakers this is also the perfect addition for anyone producing immersive and dynamic music experiences.

Total Files: 1,790

Total Size: 8.17 GB

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The Bundle Includes the Following 4 Sound Packs:

Dark Energy - Cinematic Textures

Dark Energy - Cinematic Textures

Demo Track for "Dark Energy - Cinematic Textures"

We are proud to introduce Dark Energy - Cinematic Textures, a unique scoring library for anyone who wants to add serious tension, suspense and character to their projects. Created by sound designer and producer Chris Gear, this massive collection of sounds features a wide variety of lush atmospheres, immersive drones, driving rhythms and a stunning selection of SFX across several categories. It also includes some bonus Serum synth patches to help you dial in the perfect atmospheric and ambient elements from one project to the next.

These sounds are designed to be used together! The more you use these samples, the better you get to know the hidden potential of their harmonic relationships. Layering sounds results in unique harmonic overtones that truly become yours alone once you begin the mixing process. Loading them into a sampler will allow you to get even more out of them and begin the journey of deeper discovery.

Ideal for film, video game and television productions, Dark Energy - Cinematic Textures is also a fantastic addition for anyone producing immersive and dynamic music experiences. From dark and sinister to lush and expansive, you’ll find stingers, risers, impacts, transition effects and even gnarly bass SFX that work well for all of your production needs.

Value: 129.95 €
Black Hole - Dark Atmospheres

Black Hole - Dark Atmospheres

Demo Track for "Black Hole - Dark Atmospheres"

Dark, twisted and weird! Black Hole - Dark Atmospheres is an exploration of the demented side of cinematic sound. Venture down a dangerous and haunting rabbit hole with us as we shine a light on some seriously dystopian sounds, perfect for setting a memorably dark mood.

Do not expect the same old braams, drones and atmospheres. Do not expect typical Hollywood tension basslines or driving cinematic beats. Here you will find unusual and left-of-center sounds across all 18 categories, including various types of atmospheres, basslines, drones, hits, impacts, beats and even an array of mutated foley.

With these sinister sounds, you’ll easily create dark soundscapes and conjure feelings of distress. The organic nature of many of the samples included help to ground the sounds in reality, which makes them even more impactful. Black Hole - Dark Atmospheres pushes against the boundaries of hope and fear. We hope you enjoy using them to push your audience right to the edge of their seats, and beyond.

Value: 39.95 €
Tension Underscore

Tension Underscore

Demo Track for "Tension Underscore"

Ghosthack proudly presents Tension Underscore, a haunting and expansive collection of cinematic audio tools.

Expect a unique collection of modern cinematic-inspired sound effects and loops. Featuring everything from dark drones, foley percussion loops, unique abstract sound effects, tense transitions, booms, organic melodic loops, modern synth pulses and much more - Everything you need to create a tense and thrilling masterpiece!

If you’re looking for a unique and haunting collection of sounds inspired by modern films, shows and cinema then look no further!

This pack will also fit in well with any genre for adding a modern cinematic edge and is also great for media projects and composers. All melodic content is labelled by key or scale to guarantee ease of use, so you can drop your favourite sounds into your chosen DAW and go!

Value: 37.95 €
Phobia Strings & SFX

Phobia Strings & SFX

Demo Track for "Phobia Strings & SFX"

A unique collection of solo strings and SFX inspired by modern horror and thrillers.

Expect atmospheric soundscapes, pulsating rhythmic loops, transition effects and distorted granular evolving haunting drones all made from close mic recordings of viola, cello and violin. Everything you need to add tension to your next composition or media project!

This pack will also fit in well with cinematic compositions, films, trailers, games, documentaries, drama or anywhere tension is needed. This pack also complements other Ghosthack cinematic sample packs very well.

All melodic content is labelled by key and scale to guarantee ease of use, so you can drop your favourite sounds into your chosen DAW and go!

Value: 34.95 €

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Trepidation - Dark Horror FX

Trepidation - Dark Horror FX

502 Dark Cinematic Horror FX for Film and Music Producers

Total files: 502
Total size: 2.65 GB

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Daw/Plugins do I need?

The included .wav files work with every DAW and every Sampler. The included MIDI files can be used with every DAW of choice. Some sound banks in this bundle include Serum presets which need Xfer's Serum plugin. Additionally, Sylenth is needed if you want to use the included Sylenth presets in this bundle.

How can I refund my money?

If You arent fully satisfied with this pack, just send us an email via our contact form.

Can I use these sounds for commercial projects?

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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