The 7 Best Free Sample Packs

The Free Best Sample Packs

Over the years we provided you with hundreds of sample packs containing thousands and thousands of individual sounds as well as effects so unheard of, many of our customers were wondering how we actually create and curate them.

Fine-tuned yet heavy like a whale, original and fresh yet always of a high quality standard, those sample packs offered a truly broad sound palette any producer can enjoy and work with, no matter what style you're currently dabbling with.

Always highly popular in our program of course: Royalty free sample packs, ready for usage within minutes and often containing some real hidden gems of contemporary sound design. So to give you a comprehensive overview when it comes to cost-free sample packs, here are our top 7 you should not sleep on:

1. Advent Calendar – Starter Bundle Featuring 125 Free Sounds

Advent Calendar Starter Bundle for Music Producers To kick things off in 2019, we started with a carefully curated free sample pack containing 125 unique sounds and loops as well as Serum presets and MIDI files, all professionally modulated, cut and mastered by our dedicated sound designers.

From emotional chord loops to sharp synth hits, from crunchy drums to heavyweight bass sounds you can create sleek Pop tracks or a monstrous Future Bass production as easily with this as an infectious Hip Hop beat or a Chillout song.

Much in it for a present!

2. Free Cinematic Sounds

Also as part of our Advent Calendar the Free Cinematic Sounds pack made stuff happen when applied in your very own manner.

The diversity of these 100 loops and atonal effects, visceral drones and hits, synths and pads touches the introspective as well as the epic – you can score almost anything with it.

3. Free Guitar Samples

Free Guitar Sounds Delivering high quality instrumental samples that can compete with the hardware was always a specialty of the Ghosthack oeuvre.

So when our Free Guitar Samples package was released, downloads went through the roof before we even officially announced it.

Recorded live in a studio in Berlin, over thirty of these one-shots and loops are in here, of course key-labeled and in lossless quality.

4. Free MIDI Files

Writing songs with different instruments was made especially easy with the Free MIDI Files package, released in late 2019 and quickly one of our most downloaded freebies until then.

It contains 60 delicately produced and key-labeled melodies, arps, chords and basslines that are attuned to each other and can be combined in many ways.

It's not just full of musical potential but also a good source for inspiration when things seem too narrow.

5. Spring Freebie Pack

Well, then came a global pandemic, leaving everyone in lockdowns of different kinds, staying home for days, weeks and even months.

In this truly unique time we wanted to support anybody that is making inspiring music for whatever reason, so the Spring Freebie Pack was born.

We put some of our most recent carefully crafted ambient pads, snares, claps and sound FX in there to give producers a cutting edge tool box of 24bit high quality .wavs, valuable for any modern sound design.

6. Free Vocals And Acappellas

Free Vocals and Acapellas Looking for a catchy chorus but rather not with your own shower voice?

This bundle defies the need for a vocalist, if you don't know one.

With our Free Vocals And Acappellas repertoire you get 25 one-words, ad-libs and phrases performed by a professional male or female vocalist.

Each recording is available in a dry and wet version, all files come as lossless .wavs and are bpm- as well as key-labeled.

It was by far the most requested package in recent times, so grab your own – it's free after all!

7. Free 808 Bass Kicks

Advent Calendar Day 14: 808 One-Shots 808s are an important part in nowadays music: No matter if you're producing EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Phonk or anything else that needs a big bass hit, this free sound kit got you covered with 20 thicc 808 bass one-shots.

All of them are fat, some of them clean, some of them dirty.

But all of them are ready to pump up your next music project!

Watch out for more free sample bundles in the future and dive into our ever expanding palette of sounds here at Ghosthack. We have some big ones coming down the pipeline in the next weeks and months – so stay tuned and healthy.