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Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2

Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2

  • 2.1 GB of Everyday Sounds Spreaded Across 45 Categories
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Every sound I was looking for was there! And all of them were very easy to tweak to make them my own. Very happy with this purchase!

Josip K. from United States , Certified Customer


Find Unique Interest and Flavor for Your Projects in the Most Ordinary Places

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Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2

Everything you need to expand your sonic world is right around you.

Whether you’re producing music or working with video, foley is the spice, the secret ingredient, that allows you to add a touch of ordinary in extraordinary ways. We wanted to give you even more unique sounds in the follow-up to our first foray into everyday objects, and we’ve surpassed even our own lofty expectations. We are proud to introduce Ultimate Foley Sounds 2, a sonic exploration of 45 different familiar items that have signature textures and character to bring your projects to life.

It’s quite incredible the effect that found sounds and foley have on screen, but in music they can provide that extra something that eludes most producers – the familiar yet unexpected connection between reality and fantasy. When we hear the sound of a common household item in a beat, we are captivated and entertained in a very specific way. And we remember those moments, crystalized forever, standing apart from other music entirely. The Ultimate Foley Sounds 2 collection gives you nearly 550 professionally recorded samples that you can use as-is or twist up in anyway imaginable.

Of course, you can get really creative with the sounds in the Ultimate Foley Sounds 2 pack. Stretching, warping, resampling, layering, reversing and otherwise reimagining in countless ways – these bite-sized samples will stand up to whatever you throw at them and are wonderful source sounds for your sound design endeavors.


  • Air Conditioner and Fan Noise
  • Everything Fire: Campfire, NYE Fireworks, Matches
  • Everything Water: Rain, Shower, Soda Bottle, Tap Water
  • Rural Ambience: Dog barking, River, Corn Husks

  • Kitchen Appliances: Oven, Fridge, Induction Cooktop
  • Household: Doors Slamming, Dishes, Cutlery, Dinner Set, Glasses, Flask, Foil, Scissors
  • Sounds Revolving Food: Byting into an Apple, Smashing Tomato, Coffee Beans Shaking, Cutting a Cucumber

  • Instruments: Drum Set and Skin, Old Guitar
  • Different Materials: Glass, Metalics, Plastics
  • Wood Related: Squeaking Chair, Sticks
  • Total Files: 548
  • Total Size: 2.1GB

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Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2 - Royalty Free Samples
Rated 4.87/5 based on 98 customer reviews

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Ultimate Foley Sounds Volume 2 - Royalty Free Samples
Rated 4.87/5 based on 98 customer reviews

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Ultimate Foley Sounds

Ultimate Foley Sounds

Includes 621 live recorded foley sounds like bottles, breathing, chains, old pumps, plastic bags, sandpaper, sponges, tiny metals, big metals, wires and an enormous selection of other objects.

Total files: 621
Total size: 2.21 GB

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Daw/Plugins do I need?

The included 24bit 96kHz WAV sound files can be used in any DAW, audio or video editing software.

How can I refund my money?

If You arent fully satisfied with this pack, just send us an email via our contact form.

Can I use these sounds for commercial projects?

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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