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Ultimate Trap & Hip Hop Bundle 2

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Ultimate Trap & Hip Hop Bundle 2

A huge collection with state-of-the-art Hip Hop and Trap samples, loops, one-shots, construction kits and many more! Tons of different styles for every beatmaker.

Total Files: 2,711

Total Size: 4.74 GB

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The Bundle Includes the Following 4 Sound Packs:

Neon Trap Volume 2

Neon Trap Volume 2

Demo Track for "Neon Trap Volume 2"

Neon Trap and Hip-Hop Kits Volume 2 is the answer of our successful Vol. 1 pack and a continuation of our toolbox for assembling fresh Trap and Hip-Hop beats.
The 1.12 GB pack includes 25 different and 100% royalty-free constructions kits for modern Trap and Hip-Hop productions. The pack contains 590 total files and let you dive deeper into your Trap and Hip-Hop sound.

All kits are ordered in theme-based folders, with a short-term descriptor for orientating best what mood the respective folder contains. From »Memories« and »Vacation«, over to »Police«, »Blessed« or »Problems«, to »Versace Island« and »Champion« you will find countless, individual construction kits for every kind of feeling and atmosphere.

Every folder is labelled by key (e.g. Cm, Em, F#m, Am, or Gmaj) and bpm (88 – 170 BPM) to make it easier finding your preferable kit according to your individual production needs. With the help of Loops, MIDIs and One-Shots you can create something truly unique for your next project in the genre of Trap and Hip-Hop.

All the royalty-free sounds can be used for commercial projects such as album, iTunes and Spotify releases as well as movies, video games or YouTube videos.

Value: 49.95 €
Neon Trap & Hip-Hop Kits

Neon Trap & Hip-Hop Kits

Demo Track for "Neon Trap & Hip-Hop Kits"

Everything's vibrating.
Bass waves blare through the speakers like molten granite in an ice cold iron tube, massaging your ears and the rear window of the car you're driving. It's August and the sunny weather demands some serious Trap action for all those poor souls out there who miss buoyant club weekends with friends – we've got you covered with our Neon Trap & Hip Hop kits.

This collection of a whooping 25 construction kits is the ultimate toolbox for assembling fresh Trap and Hip Hop beats of a dopeness extraordinaire, straightaway but with style. All kits are ordered in theme-based folders, with a short term descriptor for orientating best what mood the respective folder contains. From »Party« and »Lil Sky«, over to »Smoke«, »Night Flex« or »Dior«, to »Danger« and »Hood« you will find more than two dozens of individual construction kits fitting any mood or constellation of peers – pounding basslines, sleekly designed mids and steely highs included.

Through exact key and bpm numbers on each folder, navigating those Neon Trap & Hip Hop kits is as easy as using them according to your skill set and of course: your imagination. It's surely one of the most accessible packages we've assembled so far. As usual: 24 bit .wav format and bug-free MIDI files are the quality standard here, unlike on many other sites these days.

With this daring arsenal of adequately calibrated loops, MIDI files and one shots, you'll be able to activate your personal Trap card pretty quickly, capturing your listeners by the minute, by the beat.

Stay focused – and healthy.

Value: 39.95 €
Trap & Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2

Trap & Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2

Demo Track for "Trap & Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2"

Volume 1 was so lit we’re back with another! Introducing Trap & Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2, featuring 900 files that will inspire and motivate you to make one hit after another. No joke. These are some of the best loops, one-shots, construction kits and MIDI clips on the block, and the demo doesn’t even touch what you’ll hear when you crack this one open.

Once these loops get in your head, they don’t leave! And the hundreds of one-shot samples give you the power to roll your own for years to come, regardless of where the genres go. Never worry about clearing samples here! Everything in this joint is 100% royalty-free.
Just hit download, dive in, create, mix down, upload and repeat! What are you waiting for?

Value: 39.95 €
Trap and Hip Hop Essentials

Trap and Hip Hop Essentials

Demo Track for "Trap and Hip Hop Essentials"

Ghosthack proudly presents "Trap and Hip Hop Essentials": Our professional sound designers were inspired by the versatility of modern Trap and Hip Hop music to bring you a collection of 604 samples, loops and MIDI that showcase the very best that these genres have to offer.

This ultimate toolkit includes sounds ranging from heavy 808's and hard-hitting kicks over snappy snares including signature hi-hat loops to melodic instrument samples incorporating flutes, pianos and guitars.

If you want to create beats like the big Hip Hop artists from nowadays charts than this is the right soundbank for you.

All sounds are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects.

Value: 39.95 €

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Ultimate Trap and Hip Hop Bundle

Ultimate Trap and Hip Hop Bundle

Hundreds of Construction Kits, Samples and Loops for Trap and Hip Hop Productions.

Total files: 3,506
Total size: 4.78 GB

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Daw/Plugins do I need?

The included .wav sound files can be used in every DAW and audio- and video editing software.

The included .wav files work with every DAW and every Sampler. The included MIDI files can be used with every DAW of choice.

How can I refund my money?

If You arent fully satisfied with this pack, just send us an email via our contact form.

Can I use these sounds for commercial projects?

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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