Ultimate Producer Bundle 2022

UPB2021 Contest Announcement

UPB2021 Contest for Music ProducersToday we finally announce UPB2021 contest for music producers!

Everyone who will buy a license of the UPB2021, that will be launched on this Friday (26th of March), will have the chance to enter the exclusive UPB2021 contest.

There will be a total of three winners selected by a professional jury of experienced music producers.

All prizes together have a total value of over $2,000 plus additional promotion on our social media channels for all winners.

More infos will be announced soon, keep an eye on this Friday when the UPB2021 will be finally released!

UPB2021 Foley Freebie

This is the last day of our road to UPB2021 and we end this special with a nice freebie full of foley hits for you!

Expect live recordings of bells, glass, metal, seeds, street signs, jar lids, rasps, steel, pipes, wood and any more...

We hope you enjoyed our road to UPB2021 with all the freebies we gave out to you and that you as much as excited as we are for the launch of the UPB2021 on this Friday :)

› Click Here to Download UPB2021 Foley Freebie