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Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021 Contest

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Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the contest?

First of all, you need a valid copy of our Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021 as this is a contest exclsuive to our customers.

If you finished your track, you can click on the button below on this page and submit your track.

May I enter the contest without owning the UPB2021?

As the majority of samples in your submission need to come from the UBP2021, this isn't allowed unfortunately.

How do you pick the winners?

Our team of experienced producers and sound designers will listen to each track and pick the best ones. They will be judged on composition, mixing and the creative use of UPB2021 samples.

Which genres are allowed?

Every genre is allowed!

Can I submit more than one track?

Only one entry will be allowed per producer.

"Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021 Contest" - Official Rules

Everyone who bought a valid copy of the UPB2021 can participate in this contest.

The majority of sounds must be taken from the UPB2021.

You are allowed to use vocal samples from the UPB2021, but not any other vocal samples.

No illegal/uncleared samples may be used in your track.

Every genre is welcome.

Please only one entry per person/group.

Submit your track with the following title format: Artist Name – Track Name (Ghosthack - UPB2021 Contest)

Upload Your Track on Soundcloud and/or Youtube.