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Vocal Kit - Oliviya Nicole


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  • 200+ Vocal Resources by Famous Singer Oliviya Nicole
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Get 5 Beautiful Acapellas with One-Words, Phrases and Ad-Libs Today

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Let Your Music Linger in Your Listener's Ear with Vocals by Famous Singer Oliviya Nicole

Do you want to create chart-hitting songs? Songs that are not only catchy but have a way of touching your listeners by getting underneath their skin with their lyrics and vocals?

We hired world-famous vocalist Oliviya Nicole to bring to you an outstanding vocal library which is comprised of 203 24bit .wav files.

We included 5 professionally recorded acapellas that are accompanied by harmonies and ad-libs for you to create a complete song. For your next big hit, Oliviya wrote out the lyrics of the acapellas in order for you to easily upload your next track to music platforms such as Beatport, Spotify or iTunes.

In addition to the full acapellas, you will get further beautiful ad-libs, harmonic one-shots and phrases.

The included vocals are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial projects.
All sounds are key- and BPM-labeled and come as 24bit .wav files.

  • Vocals [75 - 150 BPM]
    • 5 Acapellas (with 42 STEMs)
    • 49 One-Words

    • 61 Phrases
    • 46 Ad-libs

    • Total Files: 203
    • Total Size: 418 MB

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The included .wav files can be used in every DAW and sampler.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

Yes, our samples are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects such as album, iTunes and Spotify releases as well as movies, video games or Youtube videos.

You are not allowed to claim any video because of the use of our samples/vocals/acapellas/loops.

Thus, no one else is allowed to claim your video because of the use of our sounds. So, if anyone will claim your video please contact our support team and we will investigate the claim.

No, you don't need to give us credit. In fact, you are not allowed to use the name or likeness of creators whose samples/vocals/acapellas are distributed on Ghosthack.

Some examples of using the name of likeness of an artist/vocalist would be to include a photo of them when promoting your track, crediting them as a feature on your track, and/or including them as a contributor to the track for splitting royalties.