Nu Disco Essentials
We are thrilled to introduce Nu Disco Essentials, the hottest sample pack for Nu Disco you’ll find anywhere. Funky, groovy and so, so infectious, these tasty sounds are sure to beat expectations and inspire at every turn. With the variety of sounds included, you can keep the party going all night long! This pack is huge, and truly comprehensive! Weighing in at 1.13GB in size and featuring 168 loops across 4 categories, 20 melody kits, 155 drum one-shots, 60 instrument one-shots, 30 vocal one-shots, 2 construction kits, 143 MIDI clips and 20 Serum synth presets. Nu Disco Essentials gives you the sounds, inspiration and control you need to start making hits right now, without the need for any other sounds. Firmly rooted in the Disco genre, Nu Disco Essentials brings many classic sounds and themes into the modern era with a healthy dose of electronic energy and plenty of current production quality. This makes your production workflows easier and helps keep you focused on making music, not managing tools. All sounds in the Nu Disco Essentials collection are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. You can get started right now!
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Summer Night Funk
And keep it going all night with Summer Night Funk, our latest foray into the upbeat bootie-shaking world of old school funk music. Get the classic sound of super bands that make grooves so infectious, so downright nasty that you simply cannot keep yourself still. With our enormous collection of live recorded sax, trumpet, bass and electric guitar as well as drums and percussion, you have everything you need to start composing truly memorable songs. Not only does Summer Night Funk feature over 370 loops across 6 categories, but it also delivers corresponding one-shots so you can take complete control over the delivery and every last detail of the sounds you like best. At 1.41GB, this is a truly comprehensive deep dive into one of the most fun genres of music to produce, and it captures the live essence of the performance, which is what makes funk so unbeatable. All performances featured in this outstanding collection are 100% royalty-free and guaranteed clear for use in your projects. Go forth and get down, with confidence.
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