Shockwave Sound FX Volume 2
Introducing our most mind-altering collection of next generation sound design to-date, Shockwave Sound FX Volume 2. The first volume in this series was an outrageous smash hit, and we found ways to push the boundaries even further. Inside you’ll find sounds that you’ve never heard before, it may be hard to describe what you’re hearing at times, and that is precisely what you need to transcend the ordinary and take your audience on a ride like no other. With these samples, you can bring a new world to life, score the apocalypse and delve into the deepest, darkest corners of electronic and avant garden music without breaking a sweat. Otherworldly cinematic textures, tones and movements collide to create a universe of sounds that have not yet been discovered by most on planet Earth. The sheer volume and variety you will encounter across the 8 categories of sounds in Shockwave Sound FX 2 will have reaching for it again-and-again for years to come, finding endless ways to navigate this sonic origami. From ambient and eerie to rhythmic and noisy, everything you discover in this massive collection is truly unique and will not be found anywhere else. Shockwave Sound FX 2 provides access to sounds that would normally require an entire room of hardware and years of knowledge to create. You can download it in a matter of minutes and begin bending minds today, and there’s just no reason not to. Be warned though, if you venture too far down this rabbit hole, there may be no return...
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Shockwave Sound FX
Shock waves arrive through your speakers and raise the roof – it's Ghosthack again. This time we've got some of our most heavy sound material to date on special offer. Fitting anything from apocalyptic industrial techno tunes to the scoring of an AI overtake, from mechanical machine ambient to laser-sharp noise transformations, the »Shockwave FX« package contains everything you need for a truly dark and disturbing sound design. Ever wondered how producers like Emptyset, Prurient, Richard Devine or Raime were able to craft their unique tone, their own stylistic niche? Well if not: Listen to them and you will. We dug deep and excavated some 665 sound effects in 8 categories to experiment with, that would appeal to any electronic artist on the nocturnal side of music - whether it be industrial, noise, dark ambient, electroacoustics, warehouse techno or drone. But beware: The results may turn out to be more infernal and powerful than you think. What's in there concretely? Well besides dozens of nightmarish ambient sounds straight out of Dante's Inferno, there are close to 170 bass cuts, over 70 impacts, round about 60 noises as well as tonal effects and more than 80 crazy transformation thunks and zooms contained. Neatly balanced from subterranean hums and murmurs to eerie shrieks and brutal impingements, this package is without a doubt one of the best we compiled so far. To dive through it means to navigate it aurally with great caution, for the results can be potentially mind-bending. Of course everything comes in lossless PCM quality and will touch down on your hard drive within minutes. Definitely no pack to sleep on - this is rad material.
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Infinite - Liquid DnB Samples
We already started the year with some of the most well balanced sample packs you'll find at the moment and made several generous offerings, which most of you took advantage of. Now we got new material for the rhythm afficionados out there, an entire arsenal of special drums and basses, booming and clacking from the deep jungles within your prefrontal cortex. But what's in there exactly? Well, probably more than you can handle at first glance. Close to 600 loops as well as another 600+ one shots on top will keep you busy for months to come, digging through all the sounds in here. The »Infinite Liquid DNB« package contains highly defined atmosphere pads, bass guitars and bass effects, guitars, keys, percussion, trumpets and an astounding array of futuristic synths. Besides that, we included beautifully clear female voice samples and some of the most alien FXs we could get our hands on: From vocoderized AI bursts, to drones and machine noises, from metallic clanging to insectoid hums, from bleeps and buzzes to ethereal shimmering, from the ominous to the very concrete – it's all in here, waiting to be used and abused by your imagination. With well over 1 gigabyte, the size of this archive is considerable but not excessive, and of course the different folders are continuously key- and bpm-labeled so navigating through the whole thing won't be a problem. All soundbites exist as 24bit WAV files and are easily usable with every DAW on the market. Take your time, dephase from everyday business and immerse yourself in this top notch collection of samples that will provide anyone who is willing to invest some hassle with a professional sound repertoire, taking inspiration from producers like Chase & Status, Netsky, Sub Focus or High Contrast.
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Upfront Drum and Bass
Upfront Drum and Bass is on the rise also on big festivals and with this sound pack it has never been easier before to create some outstanding DnB tracks! Expect tons of heavy bass hits, fine drum and musical/melodic loops, hard-hitting sound fx and lots of different drum one-shots: Everything from claps to cymbals, kicks, percussions and snares. This sound kit includes everything what you need to create a successfull Drum and Bass production. All files are royalty free and can be used for commercial productions. The product contains only 24bit .wav files, that work with every software.
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Dark Matter
Razor-sharp electronic sounds are the key for a successful Neurofunk track. Whether you are looking for heavy neuro basslines, crisp hi-hats, punchy kicks or spacey synths - "Dark Matter" has it all in state-of-the-art quality. "Dark Matter" is a striking sample library featuring over 700+ samples, loops and presets for Serum and has an unpacked size of 540 MB. All samples are key- and bpm-labelled to guarantee an ease of use. All sounds are 100% royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects.
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Neurotexh - Neurofunk Samples
Razor-sharp electronic sounds are the key for a successful Neurofunk track. No matter if you're looking for a heavy neuro bassline, sizzling hi-hats, a tight kick or some sci-fi atmospheres - this pack has it all and in a top-notch quality. Our sound designer Bohemian has a couple of releases on different Neurofunk labels and gave his best to create an outstanding toolkit for hard-hitting neuro productions. All files are royalty free and can be used for commercial productions. Beside some Serum presets all files come as 24bit .wav files and can be used with every DAW.
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Neurofunk Arsenal 2
Roughly 1,2GB in size, this package contains 880 files of razor-sharp rhythmic modulation. Focused on granular neuro bass sounds and drum one-shots it holds a wide array of distinctly different cymbals, hi-hats, kicks, rides, snares and a total of 25 drum loops - all separated in stems, all key- and BPM-labeled. For surface decoration we added a few ethereal pads, drones and sound FX. Quite useful when designing intros or interludes. Two "Intro Construction Kits" are also part of the menu, making it easy to jump right in and learn the basic construction methods of cinematic aural settings right from the get go. This armory has everything one needs to forge some truly spine-chilling Neurofunk tracks.
€14.99* €49.99* (70.01% saved)
Neuro Bass Arsenal
Our "Neuro Bass Arsenal" features over 1,200 heavy neuro bass loops, shots and Kontakt patches for your productions!Expect 209 key and bpm-labeled granular neuro bass loops, an astonishing amount of 493 bass one-shots, 21 Kontakt patches and furthermore atmospheric pads, sfx, synths and drum stems!The bass loops' majority has a BPM of 172, but we also covered some loops in 90, 128 and 140 BPM.All files are 100% royalty free and can be used for productions in music, films and video games.
€14.99* €24.99* (40.02% saved)
Neuro Essentials for Serum
Expect 50 presets created with great care by our talented sound designers and full Serum macro controls for perfect customization and automation.Get the latest sounds from famous Neurofunk artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Emperor, Mefjus, Phace and Evol Intent.This preset soundbank includes lots of futuristic neuro basses, hard reeces, sound fx, nice synth sounds and some deep and dark drones.Learn how to create top notch bass sounds in Serum by reverse engineer our patches!
Liquid Essentials for DnB
This royalty free soundbank is made for everyone who is into the liquid and chilled sounds of Drum and Bass!Expect a complete toolkit with an unpacked size of 1 GB to create professional Drum and Bass productions: Colorful melodic loops and one-shots, atmospheric pads, clean bass sounds, rhythmic drum one-shots and loops, percussion loops and hits, stellar sound fx and much more!If you're struggling with creating melodies don't miss out the 11 MIDI files.All sounds are royalty free and can be used for commercial projects.24bit high quality .wav samples with a tempo of 172 BPM that can be loaded into every DAW and every sampler.
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NI Massive
Neuro Enhancer for NI Massive
"Neuro Enhancer" for NI Massive features 80 different Neurofunk style Patches for the most famous synthesizer of Native Instruments: Massive. This preset pack includes a wide variety of Neuro and Reese Bass patches, but also a huge spectrum of different synths, leads, plucks, pads and other ambient sounds. Customise these sounds easily via the Massive Macro controls. Due to the fact that this package combines nearly everything what you need to create the next Neurofunk hit, we don't want to miss to give you also a handful of drum loops and one-shots! So, "Neuro Enhancer" also includes 31 drum tools. All the 80 patches work also of course for other genres of electronic music like Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass and other subgenres of Drum and Bass. Give your music productions that neuro flavour inspired by artists like Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Phace, Spor, Emperor or Teebee. All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can be used in any production without any limitations.
Neurofunk Arsenal
Ghosthack proudly presents an incredible collection of heavy Neuro Bass Weapons, hard hitting Drums, dark atmospheric Pads, top notch Leads and twisted FX Sounds. "Neurofunk Arsenal" is a stunning sample library featuring over 500 Samples, Loops and Presets for NI Massive and Serum and has an unpacked size of 742 MB. You will be armed with 100 nasty Transfomers like sounding neuro bass loops and 119 key-labeled bass one-shots. All bass sounds are heavily processed with the best soft- and hardware on the market to give you that futuristic neuro sound, inspired by artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Emperor, Phace and Spor. We also equip you with a wide spectrum of different drum tools for your bass support: Either use one of our 70 ready-to-drop Drum Loops or create your own creative drum pattern with our 100 drum one-shots, may it be Bassdrums, Snares, Hihats, Cymbals or Percussions. Of course the drum section wouldn't be complete without some drum fills. We also included 23 dark atmospheric pads and 19 FX Sounds for your pre- and post drops. The tempo is all the way through 174bpm. All the people who use either Native Instruments' "Massive" synthesizer or Xfer's "Serum" or even both will welcome the 31 Bass Presets included in this package. These bass patches will help you creating your own neuro sounds and teach you a lot of secrets and production techniques in the creation of our basslines. All Sounds were created by our talented Sound Designers with the best soft- and hardware on the market from audio companies like Native Instruments, Waves, Fabfilter Izotope and Xfer. All wav samples are high quality 24bit files with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. Our Products are 100% Royalty Free and can be used in any music and video production without any limitations.