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Demo Track 1
Explosions in the distance.

Shock waves arrive through your speakers and raise the roof – it's Ghosthack again. This time we've got some of our most heavy sound material to date on special offer. Fitting anything from apocalyptic industrial techno tunes to the scoring of an AI overtake, from mechanical machine ambient to laser-sharp noise transformations, the »Shockwave FX« package contains everything you need for a truly dark and disturbing sound design.

Ever wondered how producers like Emptyset, Prurient, Richard Devine or Raime were able to craft their unique tone, their own stylistic niche? Well if not: Listen to them and you will. We dug deep and excavated some 665 sound effects in 8 categories to experiment with, that would appeal to any electronic artist on the nocturnal side of music - whether it be industrial, noise, dark ambient, electroacoustics, warehouse techno or drone. But beware: The results may turn out to be more infernal and powerful than you think.

What's in there concretely?

Well besides dozens of nightmarish ambient sounds straight out of Dante's Inferno, there are close to 170 bass cuts, over 70 impacts, round about 60 noises as well as tonal effects and more than 80 crazy transformation thunks and zooms contained. Neatly balanced from subterranean hums and murmurs to eerie shrieks and brutal impingements, this package is without a doubt one of the best we compiled so far. To dive through it means to navigate it aurally with great caution, for the results can be potentially mind-bending.

Of course everything comes in lossless PCM quality and will touch down on your hard drive within minutes.

Definitely no pack to sleep on - this is rad material.

    • 47 Ambiances
    • 22 Deep Basses
    • 25 Granular Basses
    • 24 Bass Impacts
    • 19 LFO Basses
    • 18 Reverse Basses

    • 18 Slow Attack Basses
    • 8 Subbasees
    • 34 Upfront Basses
    • 46 Eerie Sound Effects
    • 124 General Sound Effects
    • 72 Impacts

    • 66 Noise FX
    • 58 Tonal FX
    • 84 Transform Sounds
    • Total Files: 665
    • Total Size: 1.27 GB

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The sound pack includes 24bit .wav files that work with every program.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.