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Infinite - Liquid DnB Samples


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100% Royalty Free One-Hits and Loops

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We already started the year with some of the most well balanced sample packs you'll find at the moment and made several generous offerings, which most of you took advantage of. Now we got new material for the rhythm afficionados out there, an entire arsenal of special drums and basses, booming and clacking from the deep jungles within your prefrontal cortex.

But what's in there exactly? Well, probably more than you can handle at first glance. Close to 600 loops as well as another 600+ one shots on top will keep you busy for months to come, digging through all the sounds in here.

The »Infinite Liquid DNB« package contains highly defined atmosphere pads, bass guitars and bass effects, guitars, keys, percussion, trumpets and an astounding array of futuristic synths. Besides that, we included beautifully clear female voice samples and some of the most alien FXs we could get our hands on: From vocoderized AI bursts, to drones and machine noises, from metallic clanging to insectoid hums, from bleeps and buzzes to ethereal shimmering, from the ominous to the very concrete – it's all in here, waiting to be used and abused by your imagination.

With well over 1 gigabyte, the size of this archive is considerable but not excessive, and of course the different folders are continuously key- and bpm-labeled so navigating through the whole thing won't be a problem. All soundbites exist as 24bit WAV files and are easily usable with every DAW on the market.

Take your time, dephase from everyday business and immerse yourself in this top notch collection of samples that will provide anyone who is willing to invest some hassle with a professional sound repertoire, taking inspiration from producers like Chase & Status, Netsky, Sub Focus or High Contrast.

  • One-Shots
    • 27 Trumpet One-Shots
    • 50 Key One-Shots
    • 31 Guitar One-Shots
    • 31 Bass Guitar One-Shots
    • 50 Atmospheres
    • 51 Bass One-Shots
    • 250 Drum One-Shots (Hi-Hats, Kicks, Percussions, Snares)
    • 51 Synth Hits
    • 25 Vocal Ad-libs
    • 25 Vocal Phrases
    • 30 FX One-Shots
  • Loops
    • 27 Trumpet Loops
    • 51 Key Loops
    • 31 Guitar Loops
    • 31 Bass Guitar Loops
    • 51 Atmoshere Loops
    • 51 Basslines
    • 50 Stem-seperated Drum Loops
    • 50 Percussion Loops
    • 51 Synth Loops
  • Summary
    • Total Files: 1,214
    • Total Size: 1.32 GB

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All included 24bit .wav files will work with every DAW and every Sampler plugin.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.