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Create Impressive Transitions With 100 Reverse Sound FX

Cinematic Essentials - Reverses


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  • Includes 100 Tonal & Atonal Suckbacks, Swells and Rises for Music and Media Productions
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • Product number:  00344
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AAA Sound Design for Your Projects!

Demo Track 1
Reverse - Curiosity
Reverse - Chain Reaction
Reverse - Vaporize
Reverse - Burst

Perfect for building tension in thrilling trailers and striking transitions, Cinematic Essentials - Reverses gives you 88 tonal and 13 atonal suck backs, swells and rises ideal for a wide range of project types. Largely synthetic and full of texture, this collection is packed with interesting ear candy, designed specifically for dialing up the intensity!

You’ll hear familiar themes and popular techniques on display in Cinematic Essentials - Reverses, giving you access to sounds normally heard in big budget films. The special kind of anticipation and interest that comes from reversed sounds can transform a moment, whether it’s for screen or not. Adding a cinematic reversal to many kinds of music is incredibly satisfying and absolutely memorable.

No matter how you choose to use the sounds in Cinematic Essentials - Reverses, rest easy knowing they are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your productions. Be sure to check out our other popular sound packs in the Cinematic Essentials series. They are curated and focused, so you can stay on the creative flow!

  • Content [WAV One-Shots]
    • 88 Tonal Reverses

    • 13 Atonal Reverses

    • Total Files: 101
    • Total Size: 212 MB

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The included 24bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used in any DAW, sampler audio or video editing software.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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Cinematic Essentials - Vital Presets
From heavy-hitting title sequences to subtle and immersive moments, our Cinematic Essentials - Vital Presets collection includes 70 dynamic sound design instruments made specifically for film scoring. Featuring drones, pads, keys, plucks, pulses, risers, braams and SFX, this pack is full of relevant, in-demand sounds commonly heard in feature films and AAA games. It gives you everything you need to craft riveting soundscapes to bring a scene to life. From gentle and inviting pads to stirring, tension-building drones. From pulses that ooze intensity to thin pluck sounds that cut right through the mix. The presets in this Vital synth bank are full of the kind of character and depth that we all crave for our cinematic projects. Since these are synth presets, it’s easy to simply swap out wavetables, filters, effects, etc to quickly arrive at entirely new outcomes. This is a great way to maintain plenty of continuity while introducing new, yet familiar, elements in your productions. And because Vital is a free synth (upgrade options available), these sounds are accessible in any DAW that can load a synth. Of course, these presets are all royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects, just like any other Ghosthack collection. Be sure to check out some of our other Vital Synth preset packs or the full Cinematic Essentials series to expand your cinematic synthesis capabilities.
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Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX
Repurposing everyday, ordinary sounds as sound effects is the general idea of Foley art. Transforming these types of sounds entirely into cinematic SFX is the next evolutionary step. It’s also one of the most enjoyable parts of sound design for movies, video games and television shows. Our Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX collection gives you access to truly incredible abstract textures, immersive ambiences, compelling transition effects, unique organic impacts and more. Featuring 100 expertly crafted sound design elements, these cinematic SFX are derived from household and junkyard objects, intricate mechanisms and noise producing oddities of various sorts. That’s the magic! The audience doesn’t ever really know what it is that they are hearing. Just that it has made it impossible to look away from what was just brought to life with these memorable, mind-bending sounds. Tension, grit, unsettling, inviting, riveting, suspenseful, otherworldly, isolation, chaos... Whatever the mood and aesthetic you are trying to conjure, the Cinematic Essentials - Foley SFX collection has something for you. These sounds might be heard in Hollywood movies or Netflix originals, but they are 100% Ghosthack and entirely royalty-free. That means that they are already cleared for use in your projects!
€7.00* €24.95* (71.94% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Percussion Loops
Pounding rhythms and driving patterns abound in Cinematic Essentials - Percussion Loops! This hard-hitting collection of percussion loops brings immediate intensity and liveliness to any moment. Featuring a wide range of orchestral and battery percussion instruments, there are 101 full-mix and high-end topper loops to explore. Combine them in different ways to unlock unexpected grooves. Expect beats that are delivered in a big, open space and on the intense side of the spectrum. There is no digital or synthetic sound design in this pack, just sticks hitting skins, wood and metal. All of the loops are very structured and straightforward. This one is all about the impact of an in-your-face drum ensemble. Just like all off our packs, Cinematic Essentials - Percussion Loops is 100% royalty-free. Every loop is cleared for use in your projects. It doesn’t matter how big or popular they are, or where you share them. These sounds are hassle-free!
€7.00* €24.95* (71.94% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Swells
Swells are an absolute staple in the cinematic sound design world. The new Cinematic Essentials - Swells collections gives you 100 tonal and atonal sound design elements that add instant interest and tension to your projects. Highlight an important moment in a conversation, transition between scenes, accent a dramatic turn of events... Swells can do so much to help shape and augment the audience’s perspective and emotional engagement. Swells also create natural opportunities for other elements in the soundscape to co-mingle with something new, and change in a small window of time. This sudden injection of interesting sound can completely transform timbre, mood and conjure feelings of increased anticipation. In other words, swells can help you make moments more immersive. This curated pack makes it so easy to find just what you need and stay in the creative flow. From subtle to aggressive, the variety of sounds is inspiring. You’ll know exactly where to turn when you need a swell. Cinematic Essentials - Swells is entirely 100% royalty-free! This means that every sound is cleared for use in your projects before you even begin. So you can produce with confidence!
€7.00* €24.95* (71.94% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Transitions
Cinematic Essentials - Transitions features 100 intensity inducing rise-to-hit cinematic transition sound effects that range in size, timbre and mood. It will absolutely become one of your go-to sound packs, whether you are producing for the screen or music. Touching on several popular themes and techniques, the Cinematic Essentials - Transitions pack is riddled with dark, dramatic, mysterious and tense sound design. Each riser ends in a deep impact, designed to compliment the wind-up and theme. This makes incorporating intense transition effects incredibly easy and helps you keep your projects moving forward. There are many great things about the Cinematic Essentials series, like the fact that they are all professionally produced, well-organized and featured some of the hottest kinds of sounds on the scene today. But perhaps the nicest benefit is knowing that every sound, and every performance, in every pack is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects.
€4.95* €19.95* (75.19% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Pulse Loops
Any scene is more riveting with a throbbing bass pulse driving it forward. The tension and unrelenting anticipation in Cinematic Essentials - Pulses is heard and felt in every loop! Add gripping low end intensity and feel the impact of these immersive and well-paced themes. With 100 cinematic loops across 6 popular BPMs you can find what you need quickly and know that it will work well in the mix. The moody sound design of each loop is unique. Enjoy a wide range of emotional impact: from dramatic strings and memorable synths to DEEP percussion and low pulsating subs. These pulses were created with film, television, podcasting, radio and live action in mind. Make your scenes more mysterious, curious, thrilling, threatening, enchanting and enthralling with Cinematic Essentials - Pulses. Every file in this collection is produced by industry pros and is 100% royalty-free. That means every sound is cleared for use in your projects, no matter the size.
€9.95* €18.95* (47.49% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Atmospheres
Setting the mood of a moment is a critical piece of bringing a project to life in a truly immersive and visceral way. We produced the Cinematic Essentials - Atmospheres collection to make it easy to find precisely what you need to bring texture, mood and tone to a scene without having to navigate a large sound library. Featuring 100 sound design elements meant to add just the right amount of tension and presence in an instant. Part of our ever-expanding series of curated cinematic sample packs designed to make producing high-quality professional content quick and easy, Cinematic Essentials - Atmospheres provides access to Hollywood type sounds at a price that everyone can afford. From the deep and mysterious to the tense and haunting, this pack has a nice variety of popular themes and synthetic characteristics that will make it a collection you turn to again and again. As with is the case with all Ghosthack sounds, everything contained in Cinematic Essentials - Atmospheres is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. This means you never have to pay another cent to use these sounds for as long as you continue to use them. And be sure to check out more sound packs in our Cinematic Essentials series!
€3.00* €27.95* (89.27% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Downshifter
This is a fantastic curated collection of 100 downshifters and sub drops, ideal for anyone producing cinematic content with a dramatic edge. Cinematic Essentials - Downshifters features 61 downshifters and 39 sub drops, and nothing else. Which means you can easily find the sound you need quickly and stay in the creative flow, rather than having to manage a larger library. Touching on popular themes and trends, these sounds are timely, relevant and well-produced. No need to sink time into designing new sounds from scratch when you have this pack on hand! Most of these sounds fall into the dramatic action, thriller and sci-fi realm of genres, giving your projects a modern gritty edge and plenty of low end oomph. As is the case with all of our packs, every sound in Cinematic Essentials - Downshifters is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects, regardless of size or format. That means you can create freely, without any restrictions!
€9.95* €24.95* (60.12% saved)
Cinematic Essentials - Risers
Risers are such an integral element in modern cinematic projects, both in music and on-screen, which is precisely why we made Cinematic Essentials - Risers. This curated collection features 100 risers (52 long and 48 short), and nothing else so you can find exactly what you need quickly and stay focused on your work, not managing huge libraries. From familiar to unique, Cinematic Essentials - Risers offers a nice variety of interesting timbres, gritty textures and levels of intensity to help you dial in just the right feel for the moment being highlighted. As is the case with all Ghosthack releases, all sounds in this collection are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. Just one more way we can help you avoid hassle and succeed in this competitive industry!
€7.00* €24.95* (71.94% saved)