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Included Packs

The Producer Bundle Madness Includes the Following 48 Sound Packs

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021

UPB2021 Vocals
EXCLUSIVE! The "UPB2021 Vocals" deliver a wide range of BPMs and styles! 9 male and female vocalists recorded a total of 15 acapellas that can be combined with the included ad-libs, phrases and one-words or used stand-alone in a full track. Lyrics sheet provided.

Total files: 1,038
Total size: 2.94 GB
UPB2021 Guitar Sounds
EXCLUSIVE! We hired a professional guitarist who recorded 417 MB worth of live acousitc and electric guitar one-shots and loops.

Total files: 161
Total size: 417 MB
UPB2021 MIDI Kits
EXCLUSIVE! 30 complete MIDI kits (120 MIDI files) containing complementary files for melody, arp, chords and bass loops. Mix and match with your favorite one-shot sounds or presets to create your unique sound in a pinch!

Total files: 120
Total size: 112 KB
UPB2021 Hip Hop Kits
EXCLUSIVE! 15 Hip-Hop construction kits that can be used as inspiration or already mixed beats to rap over. Includes bonus one-shots and STEM-separated melody kits for endless combinations!

Total files: 687
Total size: 1.81 GB
Keys & Strings
Combining classical instruments like Cellos and Pianos, "Keys & Strings" comes together as a beautiful collection of live-recorded one-shots and loops. You can choose from individual recordings or mixed ensemble samples.

Total files: 358
Total size: 1.42 GB
Essential Pop 2021
"Essential Pop 2021" combines on-trend genres like Future Pop, Synthwave, EDM, Trap and Retro Pop in a comprehensive sound library. It includes construction kits, one-shots, loops, MIDI files and Serum presets.

Total files: 694
Total size: 884 MB
Gaming Dubstep & Midtempo
A collection of one-shots, loops, MIDI files and Serum presets inspired by retro video games that can be used for Dubstep, Riddim, Midtempo, Color Bass and Complextro. Get creative!

Total files: 757
Total size: 975 MB
Ultimate Melodic Library Volume 2
An all-encompassing library of melody loops for a variety of BPMs and styles including their fitting MIDI files. Mix and match with the provided one-shots or your own sounds and synths - get creative!

Total files: 513
Total size: 915 MB
Ultimate Indian Percussions
A wide array of live recorded Indian percussion hits and loops. Ranging from Tablas over Dholak to ethnic shakers, congas and more! Use as arranged ensemble loops or mix and match to create your unique sound!

Total files: 1,820
Total size: 3.17 GB
Sci-Fi Atmospherics
This sound library is ready to transport any listener centuries into an unknown future we can hardly imagine. Expect a huge assortment of different sounds ranging from drones over impacts to robotic and granular FX.

Total files: 431
Total size: 2.84 GB
Lightning Deep House
Get over 600 Loops, One-Shots, MIDI, FX Sounds, Vocals & Serum Presets for striking Deep House productions!

Total files: 605
Total size: 690 MB
Deep Dark Techno
Over 1,200 one-shots, loops, drums, atmospheres, basslines, percussions and more for deep techno productions.

Total files: 1200
Total size: 1.38 GB
Urban Trap Essentials Volume 2
The successor of our best-selling Trap and Hip Hop sample pack!

Total files: 365
Total size: 382 MB
Electro Bass House
Electro Bass House is well suited for modern Bass House Productions. Expect atmospheres, heavy basslines, breakbeats, build-ups, drum loops and one-shots, SFX, MIDI files, Serum presets, synth loops and hits and even vocal loops and shots.

Total files: 667
Total size: 815 MB
Hype Trap
Construction Kits, Loops, One-Shots, Multisamples, MIDI and Serum Presets

Total files: 568
Total size: 841 MB
Ultimate Colors of Trance Volume 2
A colorfull collection of 245 Loops, One-Shots, Vocals, FX Sounds & Serum Presets for Trance and Psytrance!

Total files: 245
Total size: 367 MB
Lo-Fi Hip Hop Volume 3
Vocals, Construction Kits and Lots of Loops and One-Shots

Total files: 384
Total size: 1.61 GB
Ultimate Midtempo Attack
Pioneered by producers like REZZ, Gesaffelstein or Aglory, Midtempo is quite arguably the hottest new trend out there.

Total files: 596
Total size: 926 MB
EDM Elements 2021
Get ready for next year's festival season and create heavy bangers with ease! Includes one-shots, loops, MIDI files and Serum presets.

Total files: 501
Total size: 499 MB
Mega Drums - Hits and Loops
Huge Collection of 1,111 Drum Breaks, Fills, Loops and One-Shots

Total files: 1,111
Total size: 804 MB
Riddim Essentials 2020
One-shots, loops and MIDI files covering the essentials for any Riddim and Dubstep producer! Expect heavy basslines, crispy drums, awesome melodies, SFX and more!

Total files: 250
Total size: 257 MB
Future Pop Vocals 2020
10 acapellas with construction kits: Each kit includes every separated stem, all MIDI files and vocals. It is completed with additional bass and synth shots, Serum presets, vocal shots and drums.

Total files: 653
Total size: 2.44 GB
Ambient Soundscapes Volume 2
The perfect sound kit to create deep atmosphere in your tracks! Includes musical loops, one-shots, drums & MIDI files.

Total files: 403
Total size: 999 MB
Abstract Percussions Volume 2
Set yourself apart with 400 percussive one-shots and loops covering a wide spectrum of unique sounds.

Total files: 400
Total size: 794 MB

Ultimate Producer Bundle 2020

UPB2020 Exclusive Vocals
Consists of 987 Vocal Resources Recorded by 7 Professional Female and Male Singers. Including Full Acapellas as well as Various Ad-Libs, Phrases and One-Words. MIDI files of the Acapellas are provided.

Total files: 987
Total size: 1.80 GB
UPB2020 Exclusive Drums
Includes 600 Universal Drum Sounds Ranging from Kicks Over Snares and Claps as One-Shot to Hats and Percussions as One-Shots and Loops.

Total files: 600
Total size: 161 MB
UPB2020 Hip Hop Kits
10 Construction Kits Perfectly Fitted for Hip Hop Productions. Each Kit is Stem-Seperated in Different Sound Tracks. Furthermore, the One-Shot Samples are Available as well. MIDI files are provided.

Total files: 455
Total size: 0.99 GB
UPB2020 MIDI Essentials
Includes 100 MIDI files for Arps, Basslines, Chords and Melodies that are Crafted to Perfectly Flow Together. Fitted for Various Genres and Styles.

Total files: 100
Total size: 53,7 KB
Essential Sounds for Serum 2
150 Outstanding Serum Presets for all Kinds of Electronic Music Plus Wavetables

Total files: 200
Total size: 163 MB
Cinematic Orchestra
2 GB of Orchestral Sounds, Loops and Song Kits: Includes Piano, Strings, Harp, Woodwinds, Xylophone and Even More Epic Instruments for Music Producers and Filmmakers!

Total files: 349
Total size: 2.02 GB
Urban Trap Essentials
385 One-Shots, Loops, MIDI and Presets

Total files: 385
Total size: 395 MB
Trance Presets for Serum
70 Presets for Psytrance and Trance Plus Bonus Samples

Total files: 354
Total size: 332 MB
Ultimate Future House & Bass 2020
Consists of 701 One-Shots and Loops of Vocals and Sounds as well as MIDI and Serum Presets Crafted for Future House and Bass Productions.

Total files: 701
Total size: 893 MB
Lo-Fi Hip Hop
407 One-Shots, Loops and MIDI files fitted for Lo-Fi Hip Hop productions.

Total files: 407
Total size: 706 MB
Upfront Drum and Bass
Drums, Basses, FX, Melodies and More for Upfront DnB and Jump Up

Total files: 525
Total size: 801 MB
Ultimate Techno Essentials
540 One-Shots, Loops, MIDI Files, Presets and Construction Kits

Total files: 540
Total size: 764 MB
Guitar Sounds
This royalty free sound pack includes 348 different guitar sounds: From acoustic guitars to distorted electro ones, funk, jazz and soul guitars as well as guitar slides and ambiences and textures. You will find sad and emotional sounds and strummed guitar loops as well in this huge pack.

Total files: 334
Total size: 1.53 GB
Reggaeton & Pop Vocals
5 Construction Kits with Multiple Vocal Tracks Containing Lead, Harmonies, Vocal Chop Loops and Reverses. On top of that, Supporting sounds and Instruments are Included in Different Stems. Lyrics Provided.

Total files: 541
Total size: 1.39 GB
Ultimate Melodic Library
265 One-Shots, MIDI and Loops

Total files: 267
Total size: 786 MB
Dubstep Sound Arsenal
Get a collection of 341 One-Shots, Loops and MIDI for Next-Level Dubstep sound design.

Total files: 342
Total size: 364 MB
Riddim Revolution for Serum
50 Astonishing Serum Presets for Riddim Productions. Includes 165 Bonus Kicks, Snares and SFX.

Total files: 215
Total size: 130 MB
Shockwave Sound FX
Includes 665 sound effects ranging from eerie and ambient sounds over heavy impacts and basses to futuristic tonal and transform sounds.

Total files: 665
Total size: 1.27 GB
Future House Anthems
Includes 5 Construction Kits Consisting of Sound Tracks for Vocals as well as Instruments and Supporting Sounds in Stems.

Total files: 314
Total size: 968 MB
Ultimate Vocal Shots
100 Dry and 100 Processed Male Vocal Shots

Total files: 200
Total size: 88.8 MB
Ultimate Percussion Library
900 Tribal One-Shots and Loops

Total files: 885
Total size: 768 MB
Hybrid Trap Essentials
470 Hybrid Trap Samples, Loops and Presets

Total files: 470
Total size: 566 MB
Abstract Percussions
Over 500 percussion samples and loops out of this world.

Total files: 505
Total size: 786 MB
Ambient Soundscapes
Consists of 225 One-Shots, Loops, Drum Stems and MIDI Files Curated for Ambient Tracks.

Total files: 225
Total size: 458 MB

Already 151,036 Producers Trusted in Ghosthack Sound Libraries.

Ghosthack is fantastic! What I love most about the packs is originality. Every sound you get is flawless, perfect and effective! The web is filled with millions of samples that sound the exact same. And if they sound boring, that means your project is going to sound boring. But with Ghosthack’s original and unique sounds, that transfers into your work and people can hear the difference!

Jake Frederick Olson, Film Composer and Sound Designer

I am a huge Ghosthack fan! I use their stuff quite extensively. For me, Ghosthack provide that initial inspiration and start of most of my projects. So I'll throw in some drum loops, I'll then use some of their one-shots and before I know it I got the foundation to what I'm going to do with the rest of my project. I will continue to use their products because the quality of them is superb and I think the value for money is just unsurpassed.

Rob Jeremiah, Music Producer and Songwriter

Recently I purchased some Ghosthack products and I really like it! I liked when I opened everything up how easy it was to use. Things are labeled by key and also the type of sound. It is super easy to work on. The quality of it sounds great and I’m definitely going to buy some more stuff soon!

Alan Damien, Music Producer and Songwriter

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What's in the Bundle?

Get a Total of over 25,200 Sound Resources!


    • 134 Atmospheres
    • 641 Bass Shots
    • 80 808s
    • 40 808 Multisamples (5)
    • 519 Claps & Snaps
    • 947 Hi-Hats
    • 1000 Kicks
    • 44 Crash Cymbals
    • 147 Ride Cymbals
    • 772 Snares
    • 30 Foley
    • 104 Foley Perc Hits
    • 965 Percussion
    • 10 Shaker
    • 665 Synth Shots
    • 50 Lead Hits
    • 156 Instrument Sounds (Celesta, Harp, Horn, Piano, Strings, Brass)
    • 10 Stabs
    • 20 Chord Shots
    • 981 Sound FX
    • 190 Impacts
    • 80 Risers
    • 52 Sub Booms
    • 63 Pads
    • 45 Vinyl FX
    • 92 Drones
    • 60 Textures
    • 74 Downlifter
    • 40 Uplifter
    • 30 Reverses
    • 35 Scrape
    • 23 Swells
    • 8 Noise Splashes
    • 66 Noises
    • 15 Zaps

      Live-Recorded One-Shots

      • 633 Ethnic Percussion Hits
      • 215 Guitar Shots (Acoustic & Electric)
      • 23 Piano & String Ensemble Hits
      • 49 Cello Hits
      • 23 Piano Ensemble Hits
      • 23 String Ensemble Hits


      • 130 Atmosphere Loops
      • 504 Basslines
      • 10 Bass Fills
      • 493 STEM-Separated Drum Loops
      • 199 Drum Loops
      • 54 Break Beats
      • 30 Build-Up Drums
      • 70 Drum Rolls
      • 10 Snare Rolls
      • 218 Drum Fills
      • 182 Hat Loops
      • 337 Top Loops
      • 20 Foley Perc Loops
      • 166 Percussion Fills
      • 1040 Percussion Loops
      • 959 Melody Loops
      • 95 Instrument Loops (Celesta, Xylophone, Harp, Piano, Strings, Woodwinds)
      • 25 STEM-Separated Melody Kits
      • 45 Piano Loops
      • 205 Synth Loops
      • 75 Lead Loops
      • 75 Arp Loops
      • 30 FX Loops
      • 9 Glitch Lines
      • 10 Kick Loops

        Live-Recorded Loops

        • 1454 Ethnic Percussions
        • 274 Guitar Loops (Acoustic & Electric)
        • 30 Piano & String Ensemble Loops
        • 115 Piano Loops
        • 120 String Loops


        • 33 Acapellas
        • 33 Lyric Sheets
        • 381 Ad-libs
        • 278 One-Words
        • 331 Phrases
        • 260 Vocal Chops
        • 92 Vocal FX
        • 131 Vocal Loops
        • 46 Vocoder Loops


        • 78 Construction Kits
        • with 2474 STEMs & MIDI
        • 590 Serum Presets
        • 50 Serum Wavetables
        • 1363 MIDI files
        • 2 Hours of Video Tutorial Footage
        • 5 Bonus Construction Kits (Video Tutorials)


        • Total Files: 25,200
        • Total Size: 45.7 GB

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What Daw/Plugins do I need?

        All wav files work with every DAW and every sampler.

        If you want to use the included Serum presets (590) and wavetables (50) you need an installed license of Xfer's Serum plugin.

        What genre are the included bundles made for?

        We designed this bundle of 48 sample packs to fit in almost every genre!

        How can I refund my money?

        If You aren't fully satisfied with this pack, just send us an email via our Contact form.

        Can I use these sounds for commercial projects?

        All samples and presets are 100% royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

        Who are you?

        Ghosthack is a team of ambitious sound designers for different kinds of electronic music.

        Making electronic music since 2006, Ghosthack entered the sound design game back in 2010 with our first free dubstep sample pack, which have been downloaded over 300,000 times for now, still counting.

        After several more freebies we put the business on a new level in 2016 and started to develop huge high quality commercial sample packs, many of them are included in this Bundle.

        We are continuing our journey in 2021 with 50,000 visitors per month, a huge fanbase on Facebook (41,000+ Likes), YouTube (31,400+ Subscribers) and Soundcloud (12,000+ Followers), a growing team of sound designers from around the world, lots of positive reviews and many more new free as well as commercial soundbanks.

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