Ultimate Vocal Library 3

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Royalty Free Acapellas, Vocals, Guitar Loops and More...

  • Includes Over 1,000 Acapellas, Vocals, Loops, Tutorials, ...
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  • Works with Every DAW, Sampler or Audio Software
  • 100% Royalty Free: Cleared for Commercial Use
  • Trusted by Over 153,500 Producers
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Compatible With Every DAW, Sampler or Audio Software

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This is Ghosthack's Best Vocal Library to Date!

That's Your Opportunity to Create Outstanding Tracks With Memorable Vocals!

Experience the Ultimate Vocal Library 3

The Ultimate Vocal Library 3 includes acapellas, ad-libs, phrases and one-words recorded by professional singers, live guitar loops, as well as construction kits and video tutorials displaying the samples in action.

The Ultimate Vocal Library 3 is the best vocal library we have ever released yet. It contains a total of 22 full acapellas from 7 professional vocalists for all kinds of music styles.

We hired the most professional singers from around the world, artists with millions of streams on spotify, working with the big ones from the music industry to bring you top notch quality samples.

Furthermore, this huge vocal pack includes tons of one-words, phrases and ad-libs from all singers to give you an entire unique vocal toolkit.

All vocals are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects, Youtube and Spotify without any copyright problems.

Demo Track 1
Demo Track 2
Demo Track 3
Demo Track 4
Demo Track 5
Ad-Lib (Female)
Ad-Lib (Male)
One-Word (Female)
Phrase (Male)

Included Bonus Content

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

Bonus #1: Guitar Loops

Value: 49.95 €

Guitar sounds, no matter if acoustic or electric, are a great way to support your vocals. That's why this bonus pack includes 125 awesome guitar loops ready to be dropped in your next project.

To guarantee an ease of use all loops are labeled by key and BPM. It will be super easy to find the right guitar loop that matches one of our acapella tracks.

All loops were live recorded and post-processed by professional sound engineers.

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

Bonus #2: Vocal Loops

Value: 49.95 €

Who doesn't know these catchy pitched and processed vocal loops from nowadays chart-hits?

How cool is it to have a memorable melody made with some high-quality vocal chops?

Well, this bonus pack here contains over 100 drag and drop ready vocal loops which are perfectly paired to the acapellas from Ultimate Vocal Library 3.

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

Bonus #3: Construction Kits

Value: 29.95 €

We included full construction kits for all demo tracks from Ultimate Vocal Library 3. Every track, from drums to leads, chords, basslines, sound effects, percussions and more is rendered as a single STEM file and can be used in your own music productions.

These STEM files come as 24bit .wavs and can be cutted and processed to your own needs.

Furthermore, you'll learn the structure and idea behind every demo track - super useful if you struggle with song structure and composition.

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

Bonus #4: Video Tutorials

Value: 49.95 €

Our mastermind for modern music production, composing and sound design, Will Thoma, explains in detail how he crafted each demo track for Ultimate Vocal Library 3 in FL Studio.

You will learn how to use the included vocals and acapellas properly - easy to understand for beginners as well as advanced producers.

Together with the construction kits these are some super efficient learning tools for all music producers.

Ultimate Vocal Library 3

One-Words, Phrases, Ad-libs
Guitar Loops
Construction Kits
Vocal Loops
Video Tutorials

What Our Customers Have to Say

Ghosthack is fantastic! What I love most about the packs is originality. Every sound you get is flawless, perfect and effective! The web is filled with millions of samples that sound the exact same. And if they sound boring, that means your project is going to sound boring. But with Ghosthack’s original and unique sounds, that transfers into your work and people can hear the difference!

Jake Frederick Olson, Film Composer and Sound Designer

I am a huge Ghosthack fan! I use their stuff quite extensively. For me, Ghosthack provide that initial inspiration and start of most of my projects. So I'll throw in some drum loops, I'll then use some of their one-shots and before I know it I got the foundation to what I'm going to do with the rest of my project. I will continue to use their products because the quality of them is superb and I think the value for money is just unsurpassed.

Rob Jeremiah, Music Producer and Songwriter

Recently I purchased some Ghosthack products and I really like it! I liked when I opened everything up how easy it was to use. Things are labeled by key and also the type of sound. It is super easy to work on. The quality of it sounds great and I’m definitely going to buy some more stuff soon!

Alan Damien, Music Producer and Songwriter

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Frequently Asked Questions

All wav files work with every DAW, sampler and audio editing software.

Yes, our samples are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial projects such as album, iTunes and Spotify releases as well as movies, video games or Youtube videos.

However, you are not allowed to redistribute or repack our samples and music. Rendering project files and releasing the exact songs as your own original content is not allowed.

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You acquire the ongoing usage license with a one-time payment.
This means, that you can use our samples in your commercial projects and you don't have to pay us royalties.

If You aren't fully satisfied with this pack, just send us an email via our Contact form.

All samples and presets are 100% royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.

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