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Cinematic Essentials - Pulse Loops


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  • 100 Cinematic Pulse Loops (WAV Sound Files)
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Drive the Moment With Riveting Sound Design

Demo Track 1
Pulse - Flare [90 BPM]
Pulse - Moving Target [120 BPM]
Pulse - Black Hole [80 BPM]
Pulse - Annul [110 BPM]
Pulses are the heartbeat of the scene.

Any scene is more riveting with a throbbing bass pulse driving it forward. The tension and unrelenting anticipation in Cinematic Essentials - Pulses is heard and felt in every loop! Add gripping low end intensity and feel the impact of these immersive and well-paced themes. With 100 cinematic loops across 6 popular BPMs you can find what you need quickly and know that it will work well in the mix.

The moody sound design of each loop is unique. Enjoy a wide range of emotional impact: from dramatic strings and memorable synths to DEEP percussion and low pulsating subs. These pulses were created with film, television, podcasting, radio and live action in mind. Make your scenes more mysterious, curious, thrilling, threatening, enchanting and enthralling with Cinematic Essentials - Pulses.

Every file in this collection is produced by industry pros and is 100% royalty-free. That means every sound is cleared for use in your projects, no matter the size.

    • 100 Pulse Loops [70 - 140 BPM]

    • Total Files: 100

    • Total Size: 253 MB

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The included 24bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used with any DAW, sampler, audio or video editing software.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.