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Cinematic Sound FX 3


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  • Includes 700+ Sound FX for Music or Media Productions
  • 100% Royalty Free
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Emphasize Your Music or Media Productions With Cinematic SFX

Demo Track 1
Demo Track 2
Synth - Alarm
Riser - Ghosts
Drone Eclipse
Riser - Electric
Impact - Pulsar
Impact - Perseverance
Drone - Phobos
Suckback - Radiate
Horror SFX - Driven Bass
Foley - Thunder Ambience
Foley - Metal Scrape
Downer - Alien

In a world fueled by drama, tension and an unbreakable passion for the unexpected, the new Cinematic Sound FX Volume 3 collection reigns supreme. If you produce trailers, music for screen or game, or just want to add some cinematic quality flair to any kind of project, you will want this epic volume in your arsenal before you get started on your next one.

Featuring 2.56GB worth of sounds across 11 categories: Whooshes, sub movements, synths, drones, whoosh hits, suck backs, impacts, horror SFX, foley SFX, downers and risers. Just add instruments and you have everything you need to start producing top-shelf content worthy of being broadcasted on all the popular platforms.

Building on the success of two of our most popular products to-date (the first two volumes in this series), Cinematic SFX 3 delivers even more of what you all have asked for! We’re proud to have our sounds featured in countless hits out there and cannot wait to see you add your name to the growing list of producers who have enjoyed success using Ghosthack sounds.

As always, these sounds are 100% royalty-free and fully cleared to use in your productions, no matter how big or small. Go forward and produce greatness, knowing it will be yours entirely.

    • 32 (Clean & Processed) Downlifter
    • 94 Drones
    • 99 Foley Sound FX
    • 45 Horror Sound FX
    • 59 Impacts

    • 54 Riser
    • 36 Sub Movements
    • 61 Suckbacks
    • 100 Synth Shots

    • 55 Whoosh Hits
    • 107 Whooshes
    • Total Files: 742
    • Total Size: 2.56 GB

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The included 24bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used in any DAW, sampler, audio or video editing software.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.