Dreamland Vaporwave

Get Lost in the Time-Warp and Ethereal Textures

Dreamland - Vaporwave


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  • 760 One-Shots, Loops & MIDI for Vaporwave Productions
  • 100% Royalty Free
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Dive in deep and don’t look back. Dreamland awaits…

Demo Track 1
Demo Track 2


Enter the ever-drifting and immersive world of Dreamland, the latest sample collection in an evolving line of Vaporwave offerings from Ghosthack. It is a truly massive library, weighing in at over 2.7GB, and it includes everything you need to make serious moves in the Vaporwave scene.

Featuring swirling, lush and hypnotic synths, deep and alluring basslines, dense tonal atmospheres, highly-textured field recordings, noisy minimal drums and percussion. Each served up as loops and one-shots, paired with helpful MIDI clips, to provide you with ultimate control over every sound in the pack. With the deep evolving nature of the sounds, mixed with the countless interesting texture combinations – it seems there is no end to where you can go with them.

The neon hazy glow of a tripped-out distortion field hovers above retro fabulous synth tones and a deep, throbbing low end. Somewhere in the middle dwells the heartbeat of this cyber washed menagerie, and the synthetic pulses leave you charmed. Dive in deep and don’t look back. Dreamland awaits…

Product Contents

  • One-Shots
    • 35 Atmopspheres
    • 35 Bass Shots
    • 60 Drums (Hats, Kick, Snare)
    • 10 Sound FX
    • 25 Percussions
    • 105 Synth Shots
  • Loops
    • 35 Atmospheres
    • 35 Basslines
    • 20 Drum Loops (Stem-Separated)
    • 35 Field Textures
    • 25 Percussion Loops
    • 105 Synth Loops
  • Other
    • 35 Atmosphere Loops MIDI Files
    • 35 Bassline MIDI Files
    • 105 Synth Loops MIDI Files


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The samples are saved as WAV sound files which can be used in any DAW, audio or video editing software. They can be used in combination with the included MIDI files that are compatible with every DAW.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.