The Story of a Crumbling Society, Told in Music and Sound.

Textures and Unsettling Timbres Underscore What Is Hard to Even Imagine.

Origin - Chapter Three: Archive


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  • Over 7.1GB of Non-stop Synthetic Ear Candy
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Bring the Apocalypse Into Focus With Impeccable Futuristic Sound Design.

Demo Track 1
Song Kit 9 - Buildup
FX - Alien Transmission
Song Kit 5 - Outro
Song Kit 7 - Percs & Drums
Song Kit 4 - Hyperbel
FX - Discorse
Impact - DDos
Song Kit 6 - Atmosphere
Dramatic Kit 5 (shortened)
Song Kit 10 - Instruments
Impact - Breach
Song Kit 3 - Intro
Creating Original Cinematic Music Has Never Been This Easy in Our Current Timeline.

Step into the digital underworld of cyberpunk, gripping investigative crime dramas and riveting forensic thrillers. Archive is the third chapter of the Ghosthack Origin collection and it designed to deliver exactly the kind of edge-of-your-seat, deep and immersive sci-fi laden soundtracks you're programmed to desire. With over 7.1GB of non-stop synthetic ear candy, Archive grants access to cerebral music themes and sound effects that coalesce to create the sound of a future that leans apocalyptic with dark, atmospheric overtones.

Reminiscent of many a cult favorite, the beautifully detuned and perfectly degraded synths blend with pulsating basslines and rhythmic sequences riddled with digital oddities that please us so much. Dramatic strings, horns and other orchestral elements surge and emerge at all the right times, in just the right ways to push the emotional impact of the entire hybrid mix over the top.

Featuring copious amounts of interchangeable and cooperative music stems, alongside retro future sound effects and infectious rhythmic elements, Archive has 15 music exhaustive construction kits. Each with its own unique theme, together these kits create an endless digital world of music and sound design to freely explore and use in your projects.

From corrupt data to corrupt social systems, the future may be bleak, but it sounds amazing. You can create never-ending cinematic music cues and soundscapes that rival the very best sci-fi franchises we've all come to love. And you can do it in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks. The entire pack is comprised of elements created in the same key and BPM, so they work together incredibly well on a fundamental level.

Every file is encoded with authentic inspiration, and guaranteed free of all malicious digital pathogens. Archive and all other chapters in the Ghosthack Origin collection are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in any project created before Earth year 2347AR, in accordance with NGFC Alliance Content Treaty #1660-F.

  • Content [70 BPM - D Minor]
    • 10 Construction Kits
      with 596 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
    • 5 Dramatic Kits
      with 175 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI

    • 20 Digital Impacts (wet & dry option)
    • 28 Sound FX (wet & dry option)
    • 10 Percussion STEMs

    • Total Files: 877
    • Total Size: 7.09 GB

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The included 24bit 48kHz WAV sound files can be used in any DAW, sampler, audio or video editing software.

If you want to use and expand melodies, we provide MIDI files for most instruments inside the Origin chapters.

All files are royalty free, so they can be used in commercial projects without any problems.